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All snakes want is to cuddle with a warm body — parked or not

Snakes continue to surprise truckers and four-wheelers with their surprise appearances.

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The best – and worst – foods to gobble while driving

Let’s hear it for the humble candy bar. A survey from Insure.com finds that it’s the best food to eat while driving. French fries ranked a close second, only one percentage point behind the candy bar. (My favorite bar, by the way, is Snickers. Great taste and texture, fills you up, and the peanuts provide a little protein. In fact, a Snickers feels like a great dessert masquerading as a protein bar without the yucky condensed oatmeal ...

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Volvo says run DME

Volvo Trucks North America this week unveiled a "new" alternative fuel for heavy-duty commerical trucks. Here are some technical aspects.

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