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Fuel-tax hike indexed to inflation the wrong idea to fund roads

Michael Dudley | March 03, 2015

Vermont-based Michael Dudley throws a tomato at the notion that a tax hike is necessary to properly fund highways: "Stop allowing our government to waste our money!"

READER: Mixed feelings on driver training standards

| February 26, 2015

"There probably should be some minimum standards. But as long as the government is setting them, I am not sure there will be meaningful rules that make sense." --Michael Goodman

To carry or not to carry: 65 percent of readers say physical med card still key in inspections

| February 25, 2015

As evidenced by February polling here, the physical medical card remained part of more than 6 in 10 readers’ most-recent roadside stops.

Why aren’t 20-somethings interested in truck driving?

| February 19, 2015

A bevy of voices in response to one twenty-something's prescription for the industry on attracting the next generation of drivers.

Keystone XL: Congress sends approval bill to the White House

| February 13, 2015

Legislation granting necessary approvals for the pipeline has now passed both houses of Congress -- President has signaled he would veto the measure.

Not so fast on med cards: Non-CDL commercial drivers still must carry

| February 04, 2015

Non-CDL holders are not required to self-certify or submit a copy of their medical card to their state licensing agency. Given such commercial drivers don't self-certify, if you are one of them, keep carrying the ...

The champions of the mom-and-pop truck stop

| January 28, 2015

Driver Jeff Barker, with Debra Miller and Todd Ramey, is currently operating a Facebook group dedicated to sharing information on independent mom-and-pop truck stops.

PHOTOS: 10 classic cabovers from readers

| January 28, 2015

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