Knights of the Road

Jose Nuñez pulls survivor from van after roll-over

Jose Nuñez of Homosassa, Fla., was honored by TCA in its Highway Angel program after his assistance to a motorist trapped and injured after a rollover crash.

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Highway Hero recounts rescue under burning fuel tanker

When he came upon another trucker who had fallen from his truck that was hanging over the side of a freeway overpass, Ivan Vasovic sprang into action. What transpired was “really like Hollywood movies,” Vasovic recalled after accepting the 31stGoodyear North America Highway Hero Award during the Mid-America Trucking Show. Vasovic tells his full story in this illustrated video, which includes the announcement of his honor during the show. Vasovic received $5,000, a trophy and a ring from ...

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Video: Driver rescues drowning motorist

Owner-operator Scott Rosenburg rescued a drowning motorist after happening upon a pickup that had veered off the road and into a pond.

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Video: Trucker saves other driver from bleeding to death

Chad Dickey, Overdrive's May Knight of the Road, tells in his own words about saving a motorist after a crash.

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Video: Trucker responds to Amber Alert

An ordinary day of driving for Jim Lowe of Johnny Morris Farms of Pelham, Tenn., turned into an extraordinary one on Jan. 9 in Marion County, Tenn.

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Video: Werner driver recounts life-saving response

Knight of the Road

Mark Randall, driving for Werner Enterprises, tells his story of averting a likely highway tragedy when a motorcyclist crashed in front of him.

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Video: Driver describes rescue of family

Jason Harte of Sammons Trucking tells in his own words how he responded when he came upon a family in a wrecked minivan.

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Video: Driver rescues fellow trucker from diesel, fire

Bryan Blair of Pegasus Transportation discusses how he came to the aid of a driver after his flatbed rig — pulling a steel coil — overturned in a tight curve. He was named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association for his action, and Overdrive  followed suit in October, naming Blair an Overdrive Knight of the Road. Here's the full comic illustration of Blair's actions:  

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ABF Freight System’s Guy Knudsen

Guy Knudsen hits an unlit, overturned auto while driving westbound on I-80. He reports the accident and comes to the aid of an auto driver who has a head injury.

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