FMCSA may have a new boss by month’s end

| March 05, 2015

Acting Administrator Scott Darling's term ends March 23, and whether he or someone else will head the agency following that date is unclear.

West Coast ports making moves to lower truck wait times in potentially months-long backlog clearance

| March 05, 2015

Several of the 29 ports on the West Coast are taking measures to hasten the process of clearing the cargo backlog that’s built up in recent months due to strained and months-long labor negotiations between port managers and port workers.

Truckers could be suspected in $5M gold bar cargo theft, reports say

| March 05, 2015

Following an odd cargo theft earlier this week — in which roughly $5 million in gold bars were stolen from the back of a tractor-trailer heading from Miami to Massachusetts — authorities have begun to question whether the two truckers piloting the rig were involved.

Appeals court upholds dismissal of CCTA lawsuit against CARB regs

| March 05, 2015

According to Joe Rajkovacz, CCTA government affairs director, further action is under way: "We will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court."

Broker group’s CSA-related bill seeks to diminish CSA’s role in hiring carriers, operators

| March 04, 2015

The bill, TIA says, could limit the role of FMCSA’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program and its use by third parties to hire or otherwise make judgments about trucking companies.

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