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TransForce buys Transport America for $310M

| June 03, 2014

TransForce (No. 8 in the CCJ Top 250) announced June 2 it has entered into an agreement to acquire Transport America for $310 million from Goldner Hawn Johnson & Morrison.

Transport America is a dry van truckload carrier that has 12 terminals, 2,000 staff and independent contractors, 1,500 tractors and 4,400 trailers.

“This acquisition will immediately provide TransForce with a critical mass in the highly-fragmented TL sector in the United States and we stand to benefit from Transport America’s extensive geographic footprint and longstanding relationships with blue chip customers. Transport America is an efficient, well-managed company that generates solid operating margins. We expect this transaction to be immediately accretive to earnings and to provide a sound return on investment to the benefit of our shareholders,” said Alain Bedard, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of TransForce.

The Canadian-based TransForce says it expects Transport America to generate $350 million in revenue each year.

  • ken

    Here come the French en forcè. Somehow I see rates plummeting. Remeber, you saw it heew first boys!

  • ken

    Maybe I should use spell check. Remember, here.
    Fat fingers small keyboard.

  • guest

    Tranport America is smart to Sell Out…like Gordon…the writing is on the wall….the game has changed and it is muchmore difficult to
    stay in Trucking and earn MONEY.

  • guest

    Transforce will be sorry…industry is going Downhill fast…try to find a SKILLED driver today…good luck.

  • guest

    Transport America was placed out of service ALOT coz there drivers had no LICENSE??? Real Pros there……CSA shows they are a menace to the highway…..aint going to get any easier for these companies to find INTERESTED drivers with skills….good luck. lol

  • FoxStar

    It’s not as dire as you say. There is always money to be made in this industry.

    No matter how hard the government turns the screws, freight still needs to be moved.

    And skilled company drivers do exists.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Just a quick ?, how many of these corporate members know how to drive? this is kind of important as these are individuals who are making recommendations to government legislators on behalf of their companies/drivers. Maybe, before TransForce/Consolidated consumes more companies in future, they might consider getting their CDL/Class 1s to be able to better understand their own industry.

  • whooops

    Not 2 b sued4 slander, libel or defamation of character, all that follows please consider to be preceded by:
    ☆”if i didnt know better I’d say it appeard as if,”☆

    Hope they CLEAN HOUSE transport amer. That’s company where a subset to set used my lease purchase truck for a rolling chop shop & suffered attacks in trk. Allegedly had 3 engine oil cooler seal leaks in under 5 months & 3rd leak made it to Detroit by Louisville, KY. Trk on treadmill 4 trucks & couldn’t find leak; so, new engine ordered at under 49000 miles. Altogether just those 3 of 7 repairs on brand new truck in 1st 6 months lost apx 6 weeks & took some doing to catch up. Yup, DM there persistently refused to report assaults & tire theft he too blown off & he knew because near broke due alleged awe gee whiz, u got a lemon trk, couldn’t afford to hire P.I. @time. Oh yeah, overnight Motel Marion/AR 2005 for reset. Yup, went down in morning & found all 10 new Michelin tires on my lease purchase bobtail swapped out to 1/4 left of tread on drives & steers were about bald. And nastiest drive tire was sporting nail type melt spot; so, 2 tires had to be replaced in short order. My Safety & Lease Purchase reps both insisted public safety issue & Insurance rep insisted just failed to catch alignment problem & refused to deal with it as a police/theft issue. $1900 later & another phoney repair set & I had $1900 promissory note to pay off too. When I eventually home after that junk, we did quit claim when it had to go shop again. I had purchased towing insurance & never reimbursed for that either. Towed longer out of route west centralish IL to non Freit liner Warranty cooperating facility for AC repair & another out of pocket expenditure bit East-Northeast of St. Louis.
    Also twice had *hard carburetor intake jet come loose. *Second time happened WV just b4 tunnel & another tow. Looking back, I believe several of top 5 cargo theft states involved. Well, if they’re stealing cargo, why not hack computers & do rolling chop shop. Minus USDOT ordered Security Alarm Systems, truck is sitting duck for creeps.

  • wildy

    Oh that true about rate concern.
    Well, maybe when they get a whiff what a snake pit they’re buying, they’ll change their minds?… & u won’t need 2 worry bout it.

  • guest

    SnakePit….perfect description of that creepy dump…these dopey “buyers” will soon regret this Horse Crap decision… What an absolute headache…if it was Profitable it would NOT be for sale….

  • guest

    How funny….the winner here is the Crooks at Transport America…able to dump that Loser company… Gordon …they see the Light. lol strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.