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Transport America upping driver pay

| August 13, 2014

Transport America has announced it is increasing pay for both current and new drivers.

The pay increase is for drivers in solo, team, regional and owner-operator divisions, TA says. It goes into effect Sept. 1.

The carrier has also lifted its requirement of the for the hazmat endorsement on its Pay for Performance Plan, it says.

For owner-operators, the pay increase is 2 cents a mile, TA says. Team drivers will get a 1 cent per mile increase, and hazmat drivers will get a 4 cent per mile increase.

Solo drivers will get a 1 cent per mile raise, too, and new hires with four or more years of driving experience will start out at 43 cents a mile, TA says. 

  • teacher

    It’s about time. Long overdue.

  • William

    When carriers start paying on the hub , then the raises will mean more.

    Most are still screwing drivers with this “hhg and practical” mile pay horse crap. And if they can’t afford “hub miles” then they should ahead some dead weight until they can.

  • Frank

    it’s not practical to pay on the hub. some not all but some mostly new
    drivers go out of route and or dont know how to do a proper trip plan.
    paying by the hub is not a good idea. one thing I’ve learned owning my
    own company is that there is a difference between the guy signing the
    front of a check than the guy signing the back of a check. you must be a
    company driver.

  • guest

    They need to pay a salary PLUS mileage to pay for all the Downtime
    at shippers, between dipatches, sleeping in a parking lot in a Tin Box,
    they could Pay for Meals too……cheap Basatrds are screwing drivers and pocketing money…..this needs to change now. As the pay for company drivers is structured today it is a RIP OFF. lol

  • guest

    When you figure in all the FREE TIME the driver “donates” during the course of each week…the pay will always be minimum wage or less…and of course Taxes keep the tiny pay close to Zero….why leave town for this ABUSE??? Total waste of time.

  • guest

    Flat Salary for being “On Call” 24/7 out of state….and THEN mileage pay on top of that…… cant hire any Tradesman to go out of state and be paid “truck driver pay”….it is a JOKE. It DOES make execs RICH and always has….FREE SLAVE LABOR is the reason.

  • mario

    This still a diagrace drivers should be making at least 68cents a mile company”this what happens with no collective bargaining….

  • Marc

    Well don’t hire jack offs then, it’s your own fault. I pay owner ops per mile, all miles. Plus detention after two hours.

    1.85 flat all included.

    Company drivers get .45 cents per mile, 1200 gross minimum per week if miles do t break 1200 dollars worth. Think ofit a salary of sorts. We also pay 16/hr after 2 hrs det.

    To a lot of drivers that think companies are getting rich. Not necessarily. There are literally thousands of new trucking companies entering the industry every week and thousands going OUT of business at the same time. Many are barely getting by. This industry is extremely difficult and only the strongest and smartest survive.

    However there are some companies doing well, and they are paying their people accordingly.

    Flip side is we don’t put up with any bs from anyone, if your not an all star your not part of our program.

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