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Carolyn Magner

Tricky treats!

| October 20, 2011

Dear Carolyn,

I love Halloween! I love dressing up, decorating the house, taking the kids trick or treating and all the candy!  My husband hates it. I think he’s worried about all the calories in the candy. I think that every once in a while, it’s okay to splurge on sweets. What fun is life if you can’t kick back and act like a kid?


Dear Spooky,

I too love Halloween and candy. I get it that the anxiety of having all that candy around can take a bite out of the fun. Here are some tips:

Buy your least favorite candy to give out to the little monsters.

Freeze a few pieces of the best stuff from their stash.

Eat a healthy meal before digging into the candy.

Compare the real calories/sugar/fat in the candy you love. For instance, a Reeses Pumpkin has an amazing number of calories, (160) versus a roll of Smarties which has only 23 calories.

Made the candy choice count!

I’m just say’n,


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