DOT studying truck parking, size and weight limits

| February 04, 2013

The U.S. Department of Transportation is researching truck size and weights and will soon begin studying availability of truck parking by state.

Last July, Congress approved a 27-month surface transportation reauthorization bill requiring the studies. The two-year truck size and weight research really is two simultaneously conducted evaluations and assessments, according to the DOT.

The first part is a comparative analysis of trucks operating at or below the federal truck size and weight limit, compared to trucks operating above the federal limit. Researchers will examine the two categories in relationship to crash rates, impact on infrastructure, compliance levels and enforcement costs.

The second evaluates the implications of operating alternative configuration vehicles, including six-axle 97,000-pound trucks, on different parts of the U.S. highway system. The project studies elements such as diversion between rail and trucks and impact on safety and infrastructure impact.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration was scheduled to start the comprehensive truck size and weight study Nov. 15 and to begin compiling state laws on truck size and weight limits Dec. 30.

The parking study commences April 1 and will look at truck volumes in each state and the ability of states to meet that need.



  • Bob Sauter

    why study the problem its already a problem and now what the problem is. dont waste time or the tax money just solve the problem. first require shippers and recivers if they have the space, require tem to allow us to park overnight. 2nd make cities remove ordinaces that dont allow comercial vehicles to park within the city limits. third provide more reststops like the ones on turn pikes that have showers, fuel and food. DONT WASTE TIME AND MONEY LOOKING AT THE PROBLEM FIX IT….

  • jackie

    Hay BOB does that mean that your going to start reading where to park on the turn pike, LIKE STAYING OUT OF THE TRIPLES PARKING SPOTS! their put out their in hell and gone for a reason,but people dont understand what LCV means,but it’s ok BOB I understand that people have no idea what a LCV on the turnpike is and never think about what it takes to park one, me and a state trooper got into it one night about it,he wanted to know what I was going the wrong way in the rest area with triples,I told him looking for a place to park because he wasn’t smart enough to in force the parking,you should of herd the rest of that conversation,he told me he was going to impound the vehicle and throw my ass in jail told he to have at it Juinor I’ll make 25 bucks a hour while I am sleeping pissed him off,and to make a long story short they couldn’t in force parking till all the rest of the rest areas were built, did they ever finish I have been retired since 09

  • martymarsh

    Hey Jackie, you reek of teamster, it is obvious that triples are pulled by day cabs and your getting upset because someone needs a place to sleep. While you just want to pull over to kill time. I won’t go on anymore, just by the way you talk I can tell you are one of the special people. I’m an exteamster and I know first hand your just not worth what you think you are. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.