Trucker protest paled compared to one in late ’60s

| October 17, 2013

George R Brown, president of Culpeper Transport Co. in Culpeper, Va., wrote with this comment on last weekend’s Ride for the Constitution trucker protest:

When All Trucks StopHaving been through all of the trucker shutdowns of the past nearly fifty years this one falling on its face came as no surprise.  Even with all the media coverage it was pretty much a mini free for all with several trying to organize something.

The only shutdown that ever got off the ground was in the late sixties and if memory serves me there wasn’t a lot of media help.  A CBer/reefer hauler from Kansas calling himself “River Rat” had the thing fairly organized.

A lot of trucks were parked or ran convoys for several days. There were a lot of flat tires and broken windshields. A lot of steel was moved by car and livestock haulers.  Flatbeders, myself included, ran very cautious for several weeks after it ended as some of the strikers wouldn’t give up.

I believe this was the start of FASH (Fraternal Association of Steel Haulers), who I believe did the steel haulers some good getting them better pay and working conditions. 

Any readers recall trucking protests of the last 50 years?


  • g

    Not everybody WANTS to post their Name Rank and Serial Number in this Rag…for what? To show off?? You probably want all of us to “REGISTER” to post a comment? The rag is set up purposely to post as a Guest if you like….not everybody wants their name plasted all over the WORLD…as this Rag is accessible to anybody on the planet…YOU may be Fearless and boldly blurt out ur name address and phone number..very commendable but possibly foolish.

  • guest

    I agree Patty..if WE have to be CERTIFIED by CSA..licensed etc…these COPS should also VERIFY that we are LEGAL CITIZENS here legally to BEGIN with..the ENTIRE picture..they dont mind OVERLOOKING that many of these “CDL HOLDERS” have NO RIGHT to be sitting in an 18 wheeler..they are NOT AMERICANS and do NOT posess proper DOCUMENTATION….En forceTHAT Cops……then we would see freight rates go thru the ceiling!!!!

  • EF McHenry

    I agree completely! You make good sense!

  • William McKelvie

    My meetings? Still hiding huh? LMAO. I have not been to one, have you? There never has been enough time to go, they made it that way. It’s worth a try.

  • William McKelvie


  • guest

    I agree….The SHUTDOWN is our Biggest Weapon….There are over 1Million Road Drivers working at any given time…Hunt and them have only a FRACTION of that many. We would Have a HUGE impact if we agree to stop working for a couple days. Do we have a CHOICE?? There is no stopping the B.S. that is being heaped on us.

  • guest

    Nope YOU are exactly right…it is exasperating today in all aspects of trucking…I can see why Old Timers are leaving…there is not much chance things will get BETTER..and they dont want to live out their years in MISERY! It purdy well SUCKS..Im in total agreement…

  • Freddy

    I own a small trucking company in Alabama we run owner ops and to me my drivers are the best in the industry we stand together to not pull cheap freight let it set and dead head. I just want to say to each and ever driver out their thanks for what you do and think before you speak. we move the usa one load at the time

  • William McKelvie

    Ah no, I would like folks to actually go and try to make a difference. If you do not want to go, that is fine. We have asked for more time from MCSAC to make it to these meetings. If you do not want to go, because of whatever reason, that’s fine. Hiding behind a fake name telling the rest of us not to go? Or your latest argument backing your hiding? Whatever man, whatever.

  • William McKelvie

    The bind we are in is because nobody shows up to these meetings. I was told by many folks that it was because of the timing of the meetings announcements. Now they have granted us the time to show up, We will see ……….

  • g

    Sure go to the Meeting! Maybe it’s Great! Its just seems like Time for TALK is over. The Cops tighten the screws on Truckers every day in every way…it seems we have more Chance to survive as 1Million Strong and able to Mobilize a SHUT DOWN whenever we want. Thats just MY vote on the subject. I dont see any progress has been made in “negotiations”…Im for Organizing 1 Million Truckers…but YOU think the better route is “meetings” with Cops.
    Whatever works is fine…at least we put our Options on the table here. My Name is not really important here. Our Mission is what’s important and that is to make our lives more Liveable in Trucking….we are getting abused, walked on, and ignored as you know….maybe the meeting will work! Thats fine…let us know what happens. Success for us is the Goal.

  • William McKelvie

    I thought I would be quiet on things when Centerlane producers called me. It has never been a quiet situation since then. Been on this magazine site quoted many times now. So it is no big deal to me. Right now, it is my understanding that MCSAC is out of touch with reality. The same with Ferro. So they can either listen, or not. Their choice. Right now, many of us who are actually in the industry realize and acknowledge that both MCSAC and FMCSA are blatantly ignoring very important safety issues, while concentrating on paper mistakes, i.e. form and manner violations. Yeah they never make paperwork mistakes huh?

  • g

    Agreed…Meetings are fine. Its seems however that we are a Weak Paper Tiger. We could use the Leverage of Organization…1 Million Strong and capable of emptying the congressmans shelves in his favorite store would make them take us seriously. Shutdown Power would benefit Road Drivers. If we dont have that kind of POWER they will not HAVE to treat us like FREE AMERICANS in a free enterprise industry….we are being abused. Meeting is doing SOMETHING it IS action. Im for both Negotiating and Organizing 1 Million Truckers…I dont think we have much choice. Im not talking about union…but 1 Million Truckers able to Shut Down.

  • desrever

    Not “All” truckers need to strike. Fuel haulers run America.
    Fuel stops and nothing moves. We must shut down the fuel haulers. This will take coordinated strikes at strategic locations making it difficult to move fuel. A minor slow down of fuel delivery and everything else is affected accordingly.
    Use your imagination – Trucker Revolutionists.

  • William McKelvie

    I agree. A HUGE and I do mean a HUGE part of the problem in any event, is getting out the right information. We just witnessed a valid example of that with that DC trucker ride. Too much confusion, and their own backers putting up false information. We have only been talking about this MCSAC meeting recently, and I am being told by certain OOIDA members that the meeting is CLOSED to the public. Why? Why would ANYONE do that? Because I am not an OOIDA board member? I even gave the actual link to the actual meeting page, and still they tell me they believe it is closed to the public. I guess they have never been to any meetings like this one? Inexcuseable in my book to do this. Especially when one can validate it is a public meeting? Please.

  • Jason Haggard

    Well I think we have beaten the dead horse on this subject enough, actually I think its been beaten, flogged, skinned and ground up by this point. People can keep crying that they want change and not do anything about it.

    While I still don’t agree with many of the parts of the latest protest by drivers in D.C. at least they acted on doing something. What I see from people complaining online is they do nothing but complain. Driving a truck isn’t just holding a steering wheel, if you want things to change you can’t just send in $25 for a membership fee in some organization and think they are going to change the world for you. You have to get off your butt and have a physical presence on local, state and federal levels in town hall meetings, Q&A sessions and so on.

    The reason why this country and this industry have gone downhill so fast is because the common citizen as a majority has become complacent, they are conditioned to think they can’t do anything and many don’t even know where or how to start. If you can spend an afternoon standing on an overpass waving a flag, then surely you can find the time to give your opinion to the people that make the regulations that govern your career.

    To denounce it when you have never even tried is a convenient excuse. People have come forward to make the information available to you, what you choose to do with it is up to you. If you can’t make it in person then surely you could find the time to write down a no BS assessment of how the regulations are impacting you everyday and that assessment could then be presented on your behalf by a live human being from the trucking industry who was able to make it in person.

    The tools have been presented to you, why should someone else have to do the job for you as well?

  • Michele Eshleman-O’Donnell

    Are you serious? The meetings are closed to the public? Then where pray tell do they get there ideas of things that need reformed or addressed?

  • Michele Eshleman-O’Donnell

    So Richard Bill says these meetings are closed to the public, you say you have been to them, how do the average Driver get to attend? I’m sure I am not the only one wondering this.

  • Del Ray Johnson
  • William McKelvie

    No, they are open. Someone tried to pull a fast one on me and claim they were closed. I even gave them the web page, and still they try to say it is not open. People are unreal.

  • Derek

    It’s ignorant people like you that has turned this world upside down. I for one will say my name is Derek Riley and I for one will go to meetings to help even though I have been a trucker for only a few months. You drive to DC and shut down. You do this and lose money to protest losing money. Don’t know about you but it seems like you have lost to many brain cells. I will get a trip to the area near the meetings so I’m still making money to support my family and try to make a difference in this industry. Who’s going to win? The one that runs out of money (you) or the one that does what they can knowing they have to support a family (me). Seems like I will win. Might take 5 years but it’s something I’m willing to do. So my question is are you going to let a new driver show you up with making a change? Or are you going to grow up and work with the system to make it right?

  • Derek

    You are a smart driver. Keep up the good work. I’ll do what I can to help fix the bs in our industry. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.