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‘Trucker’ released in theaters Oct. 9

| October 08, 2009

Friday, Oct. 9, is the release date for “Trucker,” a so-called “small indie film” that thus will see a limited release, but perhaps it’s in your area. The press for the movie, at least as run with in many outlets, traffics in some stereotyping — “Michelle Monaghan is transformed from a hard-drinking, hard-living trucker” into a mother, said one online entertainment-show host, for instance, as if the two were impossible to contain within the same person and pigeonholing the lot of America’s hardworking haulers — but the reality of the flick’s story seems more broadly realistic and is, after all, a quite specific story about one young woman’s journey to come to terms with motherhood.

See, for instance, the interview with Monaghan at conducted by Dave Gonzalez and published yesterday. Monaghan went the extra mile with writer/director James Mottern shooting the flick, spending a great deal of time in truckstops around the nation talking to drivers and getting a feel for the road. She even got her CDL, she tells Gonzalez, and at one point adds that she misses the feeling of life out on the road.

I haven’t seen “Trucker” yet, and so will reserve judgment for later, but here’s hoping that its title is not meant just as an evocation of old stereotypes but an explosion of them, moving beyond stock portrayals to capture the more bittersweet reality of family life and the road.

You can watch the film’s trailer here.

  • Stace

    It#39;s about time this movie came out. I#39;d guess it was over two years ago when we were approached by a woman at the Flying J in Lebec/Frazier Park, CA. She was a set designer for a movie they were getting ready to shoot called quot;Trucker.quot;br /br /She was very nice and asked us if she could get in our truck and take pictures of how we had things arranged, etc., to give her ideas of how a real trucker#39;s truck looked. She was worried about asking a male trucker since she didn#39;t want them to get the wrong idea about why she wanted to get in their truck. LOL. Besides, she told us, the movie is about a woman /br /So I#39;ve been waiting forever for this movie to be released to see if any of the decor/arrangement of our truck made it in the final set. Of course, I#39;ll have to wait until it#39;s on DVD, most likely.

  • Todd Dills

    Stace, let us know once you see the film whether your cab was reflected in the film, eh? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.