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‘Trucker spy’ found guilty in road incident

| May 21, 2013

A Tennessee jury has found a “trucker spy” guilty of attempted murder in the second degree of a trucker he was filming.

On May 9, a Hamilton County Criminal Court jury returned a guilty verdict for Joseph John Volpe, 46, of Rossville, Ga. The jury also found him guilty on two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of reckless endangerment in connection with the 2010 incident. Sentencing is set for June 17, according to county records.

Volpe, who was hired by carriers to report unsafe truckers, was filming a trucker on Interstate 24 in Chattanooga.

Volpe said the trucker tried to run him off the road after realizing he was filming him, according to video clips of the trial provided by WTVC-TV News Channel 9. The trucker said he then heard gunfire and a bullet entered his sleeper.

Volpe’s attorney Sam Robinson III countered that Volpe had a handgun permit, but the trucker did not actually see his client shoot the truck. The shooting occurred near an exit where shootings are not uncommon, he said.

  • No Reform

    If the spy cant find anything wrong then he just Shoots you?
    Who hires these “Spies”?? Maybe THEY need investigated?

  • SV

    How can I get a job as a “trucker spy”?

  • Willis G. Hall Jr.

    does not matter if he had a permit guns are not allowed in commerical vechiles he was pissed he got caught now time to pay the piper

  • mousekiller

    Sorry Willis, your misinformed. There is no law that forbids guns in Commercial vehicles. It is carriers policy and some state laws and if he had a concealed carry permit and it was good in the state of Tn no violations.

  • bob

    You know the saying, “Those who can do, those who can’t, teach, err spy.

  • jj

    where are the police is shots are not uncommon?

  • Doug

    hiding from the shooters

  • Doug

    only in certain states, companies do not allow them you mean…

  • Curt Miles

    The Trucker didnt have a gun, the guy filming him did and fired into the Truckers sleeper

  • ldmff

    No federal law against carrying guns in commercial vehicles, states are the one’s who control that. New York is the first one that comes to mind.

  • Fred Flintstone

    I really do believe that is is ILLEGAL to carry a gun in any commercial vehicle. Even if you have a Concealed Weapons permit, it is still illegal in interstate trucking. Even in cars, if you have a permit in Arizona, it maybe OK to NM, but not for Texas! Same with Commercial truck and Radar Detectors. It is Illegal for ANY COMMERCIAL Vehicle. (use to be only in VA)
    You might check a little closer with DOT /ICC laws with guns!

  • Lisa Shaw

    you don’t know WTF what you are talking about trucker didnt have a gun….truck hater had a gun and tried to kill trucker.

  • Lisa Shaw

    so true

  • Lisa Shaw

    Was he in a commercial vehicle NO! You stupid ass.
    He was in a car filming trucks and causing road rage to get good footage.

    I believe truckers should be able to carry guns in the truck. you stupid fred flintstone I believe it is ILLEGAL for you to own a computer. Maybe your stupid ass should have to spend the night in Harlem NY or worse with a truck load of food see how you feel. Oh never mind your a stupid democrat and your food magically appears on your table…

  • bigred1009

    Not true…If you have a gun permit it is legal to carry this in your truck, it cannot be loaded> a couple states are bad to harass you but it varies from state to state.

  • Lisa Shaw

    The guy spied on truck drivers from his car he drove down the road filming them. He was not a truck driver doesn’t have a CDL license. He is an ASSHOLE with a grudge for whatever reason. He was gonna get someone for crappy driving. If Big companies need to hire someone to do this maybe they should pay a hell of a lot more and hire a higher standard of driver with more experience than 2 FN weeks to drive their stupid freightliners up and down the highways.

  • jim

    No DOT law states that no Fire Arms are allowed in the Vehicle as with Alcohol and Illegal drugs. .

  • Todd Modderman

    Better go read up on the rules, it’s no different than in a passenger vehicle depending on the state.

  • Mind Games

    Federal law does not say anything about guns its the
    states that rule in that area.
    The question is WHO hired this wack job????

  • jesse wood

    good old fashion karma

  • Holywood

    The story is a little short on info. Give us some of the facts to the case that got the POS convicted and tell us what company he was filming for.
    Also… federal rule against firearms in CMV’s.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    what is wrong with frightliners ? I have had two of them ,the first one i had for seven years , the one i own now i have had it for a little over ten years .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I have always carried a pistol with me in the truck for over 30 years you just have to know how to hide one ,

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I never had a permit and allways carry a pistol !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    he was a bad shot ,that’s all i got to say lol

  • Dale Yoder

    I’m with you Lisa, I don’t know why a trucker can’t carry a weapon to defend himself, cargo, equipment,

  • Kendall Oakleaf

    Is that really what the lawyer said what a good DEFENSE u F.N idiot to bad the trucker did not kill the guy with the camera what a dirt bag dirt bag

  • Bruce Johnston

    Hello,my name is Bruce Johnston i am the truck driver that joseph volpe shot at i would like to set the record straight 1st off we had a chance encounter on the interstate on june 30 2010 while i was driving through chatt, tn long story short he got angry with me when i would not get out from behind him and as it was described in court as a short road rage incedent as we started down the ridge cut he came up on the right side of my truck and fired a shot through the back of my sleeper at an left upward angle. the bullet passed through the back of my seat over my left shoulder just missing the back of my head by about three inches. now the story everyone has been reading about him filming me and me trying to run him off the road that never happened i didn’t know anything about any video cameras until he was stopped by the police and arrested that story started on dec,10 2010 when his then second att sam robinson told the local news that was what happened according to volpe when he was arrested for the charge of 1st degree att. murder that charge was handed down by a grand jury on nov 17 2010 . and from what iv’e seen Overdrive and everyone else got that story from what iv’e been told by the da’s office he had a total of 4 att. assigned to him through the courts each att. was court appointed we went to court a total of 12 times before the trial finally got started on may 7th,2013 and concluded on may 9th 2013. with him being found guilty of all three charges 2nd degree attempted murder agg. assault with a deadly weapon reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon needless to say he was not happy he had a fly by night co he called third eye highway safety which he never got a business lic. sentencing is scheduled for june 17. 2013 keep you posted on out come thanks Bruce

  • John Aalborg

    I have always had a pistol with me when driving big rigs interstate and figured that if I ever had to use it I’d have a good excuse. Often, like at an empty maintenance scarp in the mountains, or at the docks in new Orleans pulling in early evening for a delivery in the morning, I’d be the first one to park for the night, do my log, and go soundly to sleep with the pistol under my pillow. I could count on it that in risky areas, a driver without a gun is going to say “that guy must have a gun” parked up there alone, and pull up along side and set the brakes. I belong to the TNUK forum and what I hear from Brits (strict gun laws across the pond) is nothing but that the tire-iron they are sometimes allowed underneath the seat is not going to save them from thugs pulling them out of their “artics” (usually at gun-point) and beating them up before running off with the load. Here in the USA, some company drivers have to sign a paper saying they will not keep a gun in the rig, but that is for legal purposes in case they shoot an innocent person. For those drivers who are required to do so, sign the thing and bring your gun. Keep it clean and in good working order, and sleep well in bad places.

  • martymarsh

    25 or maybe even 30 years ago I pulled up on the West Memphis Ark scales and the guy called me inside and said, now we are going to search your truck for guns and drugs. I told him to have fun and could he hurry it up, I have to get to Dallas. He said get out of here, but I was sweating bullets, going to jail in West Memphis, no thanks. I had a gun but no drugs.

  • martymarsh

    I wonder if this is the same guy that posts on youtube?

  • J David Smith

    Bruce, Thanks for explaining the story to us. I’m really glad that you are OK and did not get hit. I’m also sorry about all the time you have had to repeatedly go to court to defend yourself and to procecute this crazy person. Stay strong stay safe.

  • rc1234

    Who cares about concealed weapons laws….it’s better to judged by12 than carried by 6…….be discreet ,but be safe…

  • flood

    hay fred YOU need to check the laws…. nothing in the fmcsa at all about having a gun in a truck..

    as a ccp holder I can have a loaded gun in the truck on me in all the states the have honor my states permit… btw that’s 36 states for me

  • John Barsness

    I know of no law prohibiting carry of a handgun in a CMV. I carried one the entire four years I drove truck after retiring from law enforcement. I kept my gun and my badge from my old agency in a gun fanny pack. I declared it when I picked up loads at military installations; other than that it stayed in the truck. Some military places held it for me, others let me keep it. Only one would allow neither and made me take the gun off the property before I could unload.
    I owned my own truck and trailer so had no “company rule” prohibiting carry.
    As a police officer, I left law abiding folks with guns alone. I arrested those who were not supposed to have one (convicted felons, on felony parole, etc). While no doubt there are officers out there who would have arrested me in their jurisdiction if they found a gun in my truck, that was a chance I was willing to take. Don’t draw the ire of the police and you will not be hassled, as a general rule.
    Just my 2 cents. As the driver above points out, if I went back to driving for a company, I would sign their “no guns” policy and then proceed to pack a pistol in my duffle bag.
    But, that’s me. You all do what you want. jb

  • Paul Haysmer

    “Volpe said the trucker tried to run him off the road after realizing he was filming him, ”
    Am I the only trucker that can see this happening?? Of course I would have pulled over and asked WTF first…..just sayin

  • mousekiller

    NO federal law against guns in a CMV. it is states laws that control it.

  • mousekiller

    Sorry Willis ,but there is NO FEDERAL LAW against carrying a gun in the truck. it is the states that have restrictions.

  • USMC 69-75

    That is par for the course…..lop sided media reporting!
    True! It’s not “ILLEGAL” to carry a fire arm in a commercial vehicle as long as you have a license for it……that being the key, a “federal” fire arms permit, good luck with that one. I believe a CWP should be the same as a drivers license. good in all 50 states, Just try to get you gun to HI though. LOL
    I carry here in SC and don’t leave the state anymore….semi retired, I show them my CWP and license at the same time then my fire arm if they ask.
    No problem.

  • USMC 69-75

    How many time have you been inspected and they found it? I carried a 12 gauge flare gun for years, Legal… is classified as a signalling device. But a regular gun, if you want to gamble a jail sentence, carry away without the proper license!
    i AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN THE OLD CLICHE” I’d rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6, but I also don’t want a record, and lose my CWP! That’s why I acquired it, and I don’t leave the state anymore.

  • Omid Gharipour

    I think the company who hired Volpe should be found responsible for actions partaken by him. Who hires a guy that acts so unprofessionally? It’s already bad to send out a spy in the first place. There must be better alternatives than that. Seriously?

  • tinion

    if you get a Texas state permit to carry, your good for right about 40 states. i haven’t gotten an update on what Nevada’s reciprocity is like yet.
    but it is NOT a federal crime to carry in a commercial vehicle…. as long as you follow the law! those states that you are not allowed to carry in, you have to remove it to a “trunk” area not readily accessable from the passenger compartment ( i would say in the passenger-side side-box)…. & ammo stored separately. — as per FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION regulations. since you have internet access, look up the laws. it’s not that hard.
    now, i have heard that companies put that line in the books they hand out so that “newbie” driver who don’t know better won’t try it. but i guess i’m one of the ones that are smart and look things up on my own.

  • tinion

    Fred.. can you PLEASE quote the regulation that makes it illegal? no, didn’t think so… BECAUSE IT IS NOT THERE !!!!!!!!

  • Craig Hansen

    There is no sign on my truck door that says ” Second Amendment rights end here”. Fred, we are already treated as “second class” citizenry many places, but I am here to tell you, that treatment and practice of circumventing our rights only works when we “roll over” and allow it. I have had to call the Federal Marshall out to the Nebraska scale to end an illegal
    search and forced drug test as they were in training and using trucks and truckers for practice. No probable cause, several laws broken by DOT enforcement, Threats of jail for refusal etc. Stand your ground , know your rights, and know the law. I am always courteous and respectful to all LEO’s, they too have a tough job for little reward, sound familiar ? If a situation escalates due to the officer’s attitude just escalate the level of officer…simple. Chances are you will get a higher caliber LEO when you call in the Fed’s and your worry is over and you have made the next trucker, who may not be as well versed in “being a true American” and knowing his rights, much better treatment by an officer who has been schooled by you.
    Rule #1 Be safe out there and come home in one piece, you are valuable and your family needs you.
    Rule #2 Be a courteous professional, your life will be easier as most folks will give you the respect you deserve. If they don’t respect you just move on, these folks aren’t worth your time or effort so don’t allow them to ruin your day. Yes, I said ALLOW, they can only get to you if you ALLOW them.
    Rule #3 Get your rest everyday and have a little fun as you pass through life. Your only here a little while and you are supposed to be enjoying some of it. DO SO!
    My father was a smart guy, his favorite was “Never screw around with another man’s wife or his tools.Some things in life are not meant to borrowed or loaned”
    Now get back to truckin”‘, know and obey the law, but also exercise your rights to self preservation, too many have died to keep you free to do so, honor them by using that freedom.
    P.S. If you don’t want a gun then don’t have one ….that is your right too, but quit taking MY rights away just because you don’t know yours!!!

  • Valerie Placement

    We had a state DOT inspector tell us the same thing here at NETTTS. Yes, you can carry, but you MUST have a pistol permit.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Never when i went to northern states i carried my two shot darringer i have had cops in texas find my 9mm auto and never say a thing one moved it and it was in the middle of the bunk when i got back into the truck , in one of the ports in texas they fond it that was around jan. of this year , nothing was sead . I have never had a permit , I live in texas , I am a biker long hair tats ect . however for the last 20 years i have only run the south east . the photo is me . I did get locked up in the late 70 for shooting at someone however i pled it down to discharging a firearm in the city limits and carrying a phrohibed wepon lol , $200.00 fine one weekend in county ,and the gun was returnd to me that was in houston tx , back before they got chicken shit about everything lol .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    They dot my truck there back in 1984 , I had to go with the cop to pay a fine and had my pills and pistol in my pocket all the time , that’s how i used to get my pistol into canada they wood look in the truck but never on the driver

  • martymarsh

    All I can say is, ballsie, my nerves could never take that much pressure, I was already sweating bullets.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I have allways had problems with the police , when i was 10 years old i was sent to kiddy jail lol . At 13 highspeed chases with stolin cars , got away more times then i got busted , that was back in centrel jersey Elizabeth , Newark , Linden , that was in the late sixtys , they could never bust me for anything by the time i turned 18 , i run around with bikers most of my life ,still do , police are not the smartest people in the world .

  • Dan Adkins

    Hey Fellows, just a thought here. Im a retired trucker, 35 years, O/O. As far as the spy, if you did try to run him off the road, and I dont think you did, to bad you missed him. A guy that would even take a job like that has some kind of personal problem with trucks and truckers in general. Maybe he always dreamed of being a trucker but just couldnt make the grade or wasnt smart enough to pass his tests so he was out to ruin a truckers life and try and get even in some way and take away a truckers livelyhood iin the process. Trust me when I say, if he shot at my truck he made even a bigger mistake when he missed me cause thats where they would have found him lying in the road or the jaws of life cuttting him out of his vehicle if I could have hit him. Sounds like a perfect self defense case to me. The CWP could be used either way legally for a judgement call. When you got your permit, you are required not to carry your weapon on any property that has a sign that states no firearms allowed on the premisis. That makes it illegal and of course you already know about banks, PO’s, shcools, etc. Point being and I would say the catch with the carrier if your a O/O leased on or company driver, you sign on and the carrier has a no firearms allowed in the vehicle clause its probably gonna be just like any other firearm ban thats posted anywhere else. I would say that if it came down to push and shove, the DOT, whether you have a concealed permit or not and no matter what state your in could and probably use it against you if need be and the company your leased to is already released from any legal standpoint when you signed on agreeing not to carry in your vehicle while your leased to them. That leaves you holding the bag no matter what in case you ever had to use it even if you were protecting the carrier of shippers cargo. Unless my life was in danger and I knew for a fact I was going to get hurt or killed if I didnt shoot someone, then that load belongs to them if thats all that mattered to the bad guy if I didnt feel threatened cause when the rubber hit the road and the court date is set, I bet there aint gonna be nobody stepping up to the plate to defend your actions but you. Nobody gonna hire no attorney to help you except out of your own pocket, so I would be very careful how far out I stuck my neck to protect a load. Just a thought to keep in mind. I’ve had a CWP for probably 20 years and always carried even before I got one and the whole time I drove truck and thank God I never had to use it. All the states that recognize another states CWP is a great thing but a gun thats under the passsenger bunk and the ammo. in another location aint much use to me when a guy is getting me in his sites with a 9mm. Thats kinda like taking a knife to a gun fight isnt it? The state laws, the DOT, the FMCSA or anbody else aint gonna matter in the least to me in a situation like that. IM number one then and thats who Im gonna look out for. I carried then and I carry now with the same rule of thumb, I love myself better than anybody else does or ever will !! Be safe drivers and GOD BLESS TRUCKERS !! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.