‘Truckers Ride for the Constitution’ details emerge

| October 07, 2013
This image is the "Ride for the Constitution" Facebook page's profile picture. The agenda for the ride and weekend-long demonstration, say organizers, is focused on a mix of trucking and "constitutional" issues. The three-day demonstration has been joined by groups like Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment, and promoters offer some rally support information via this page.

This image is the “Ride for the Constitution” Facebook page’s profile picture. The agenda for the ride and weekend-long demonstration, say organizers, is focused on a mix of trucking and “constitutional” issues. The three-day demonstration has been joined by groups like Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment, and promoters offer some rally support information via this page.

Organizers of the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” demonstration have chosen the Doswell Truck Stop in Doswell, Va., as a rallying point for two convoys planned to converge on Washington, D.C., Friday.

A manifesto delivered via the Ride for the Constitution.org website by principal promoters over the weekend detailed the agenda. Following an introduction, the first five demands focus on trucking issues, a latter five on what principal promoter Zeeda Andrews called the “demands of the American people.” Read the manifesto for yourself via this link to the ride’s Facebook page. 

The trucking-related issues include California’s emissions regulations, hours of service and detention issues, mandatory liability insurance, truck parking safety, and crash accounting in the federal Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

Representatives of Doswell Truck Stop, formerly the All American Truck Plaza, said they received calls from event organizers. One of them was Earl Conlon, a driver and author of a 2004 novel that details a fictional scenario in which all of America’s truck drivers go into long-term hiding in protest of various trucking issues.

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“I’ll be there,” said Conlon, a Georgia-based former owner-operator now working as a company driver. Conlon has been organizing the bobtail tractors, pickups and motorcycle riders planning to ride into the District of Columbia.

“We’re going to start at 7 a.m.” Friday, said Andrews, a Jacksonville, Fla., resident who is not in trucking directly but considers herself one with drivers given her past touring and performing in truck stops, traveling with driving family members and many trucking associates. Speakers and news media representatives are expected, she added.

Conlon’s convoy is intended as a show of force, he said, attendant to delivering evidence to law enforcement authorities that he hopes will result in “one or two people stuck in handcuffs,” he said – “politicians, senators, congressmen — for violating their oaths of office” to uphold the constitution.

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A second convoy, this one only tractor-trailers gathering at the Doswell stop and other venues, will then circle the beltway. The intention is simply to cause a traffic jam and get the attention of politicians and the general public, said Andrews.

She encouraged supporting drivers across the nation who are still at work to “ride in the right lane in a convoy formation. If they can do that and wave their flags in support of their fellow truckers, they can show their unity [with other drivers].” The group is actively encouraging convoys to disrupt traffic around state capitols across the nation.

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Officer Darrell Davis of the permits office within the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department noted that maneuvering large vehicles near areas patrolled by the Secret Service, U.S. Capitol police and/or the parks police could result in forced diversion of trucks to other areas or other problems. Davis noted that their office had no current permit on file for the district demonstration Friday, but that they were aware of reports of it. J.B. Schaffner, a driver participating in the effort and who helped to engineer a similar D.C. ride in 2008, stressed that the bobtail-led convoy didn’t need a permit for its route. Organizers of this week’s event have stressed that intentions are for a peaceful demonstration.

As for the planned beltway event, organizers have not specifically called for freeway blockages or anything of an unsafe nature or murky legality. Taking action against traffic congestion caused by a large number of trucks driving normally would be difficult to enforce.  


More on the five trucking grievances included in the ride’s manifesto. 

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    I miss all of my new brothers and sisters…..the New Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Ill ride again with you anytime anywhere !!!!

  • USMC 69-75

    As long as there are government teet suckers out there like you……what do you expect!
    I rest my case!

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    You should have been there, you would know the truth!

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    You don’t do anything and nothing will get done!
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    Like I said! If you have to ask, you are part of the problem…..can’t answer it any simpler than that. Oh I forgot, you need pictures!

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    VA was very receptive, MD on the other hand, pulled several vehicles for blowing horns……that is apparently illegal, unless it’s an emergency. I would say, trying to save our country would fall under an “EMERGENCY”, but then the cop looked like Barney at 20 years old!

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    Well for every number one award we received, we got 10 thumbs up….
    You always run across some blinded, self centered individual no matter where you go, or what you do!

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    Well I guess it all depends on which ancestor you want me to talk to…..being as they are all dead? I’m a little bit of everything, but 100% proud American born citizen. And gave the government a blank check to defend our “Constitution” that they are trying to destroy. So take your Kenyan born clown back to Kenya with your dumb self! GET IT?

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    We did…..and they heard us, and will again!
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    I expect it because, unfortunately (yes, unfortunately), no two drivers can agree on anything, let alone successfully orchestrate an effective demonstration or shutdown. Also, I am disappointed a United States Marine feels the need to resort to short responses of insults and name-calling on these threads.

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    Sorry you feel that that way! But I don’t have the time to try to explain what is really in my heart, and I’m a firm believer in calling it what it is! If the truth hurts…..deal with it!
    But you are right on the “no two drivers” but there was a decent turn out, not what I would have liked to have seen. If you weren’t there, then don’t judge by what you read or hear……propaganda, and blackouts work just fine!

  • Craig Vecellio

    How are we being abused? We’re expected to work an average of 30 hours per week unpaid, for starters. That includes loading, unloading, fueling, inspecting, and waiting between loads. We have had ridiculous regulations passed against us recently, while at the same time states take action to make following those regulations impossible in some areas. And USMC is right, you ARE part of the problem, if you ‘work’ on a dock!

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