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Todd Dills

‘Truckers: The soldiers of the U.S. economy’

| March 18, 2013

Truckers soldiers t-shirt designWould you wear this t-shirt? It’s one of several simple text-based designs longtime owner-operator and Overdrive reader Gary Johnson, along with business partners, has recently made available for sale via a trucking-specific section of the website. They all include a message of outreach to the general public — of varying “hues,” from feel-good sorts like the one pictured to snarky missives (“Without us you’re all naked in the woods”) to “You don’t f*@! with a man’s truck.”

This mathematically-themed one might be my favorite:

Truckers 99 percent t-shirt designPriced at $23.99, the shirts’ sizes range from small to adult 5XL. Give them a look here.

Alternately, of course, you can broadcast your own personal message via custom t-shirts available for build/order at sites like Cafe Press (starting at $24), Vistaprint (starting at under $10 for kids’ shirts) and (starting at $14.95).

  • James M.Stepp

    Checked out the rest of the shirts. They seem awfully “Liberal-Biased” for my taste. The Trucker shirts are good though.

  • Mike Jones

    Would somebody actually WEAR a shirt like that? LOL.

  • Mike Jones

    Well…truckers are similar to soldiers…being just a number…expendable…Low Paid…and become injured and killed in large numbers…….lots of fun for sure….

  • jake035

    I wouldn’t buy shit from this liberal asshole

  • Mike Jones

    The out of control..foaming at the mouth..rabid dog FMCSA has tried to mandate RED SHIRTS for EVERY truck driver in AMERICA??? Our tax dollars at work???

  • Mike Jones

    FMCSA tried to FORCE American Truckers to all wear Communist RED Tshirts at all times????? They are WAAAY out of control drunk on Power!!!!!!!!

  • Todd Dills

    Mike, the red-shirt stuff was an April Fool’s joke — get a grip.

  • crazycat

    Yes I would wear it.Mike Jones,what are you seeing that makes this a liberal/conservative issue.For the record,all truckdrivers are not paranoid,delusional,internet educated ,people like yourself.Some of them might even be liberal,but they are still truckers,and we could get a lot of things done if we could stand as one instead of worrying about who is liberal or conservative.If you are a real trucker and want what’s best for truckers,you would put aside your differences and stand up together instead of always looking for a reason to fight.

  • crazycat

    What are you reading that I am not?You and people like you, are the reason truckers will never get anything or any respect,because instead of seeing someone’s message as simply pro trucking you have to tear them down and call them a liberal a-hole ,because you think they might not be as conservative as you.Well I got news for you jake035,truckers come in all political affiliations,yes even liberal,and until we learn to work together instead of fighting amongst ourselves,we will continue to be the largest ,but least influential group of voters(workers) in the country. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.