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‘Trucking always a target for regulations’ — Overdrive editor talks politics, trucking regs on Road Dog

| February 03, 2014


A few weeks back, Overdrive Executive Editor Jack Roberts went on Mark Wills’ Road Dog Trucking News on Sirius to talk trucking regulations and how they relate to political ideologies of the day. 


Trucking — the country’s easiest regulatory target?

Is trucking the easiest industry for regulators to pick on? Could be, writes OD Executive Editor Jack Roberts, who says politicians play to the public's ...

The talk centered around a column Roberts wrote last month, in which he argued that no matter which party is in control of the federal government, trucking never seems to catch a break from over-regulation. Click here to read it.

Above is the first of four segments from Roberts’ hour-long segment on the show. Parts 2, 3 and 4 will be posted this week.

  • centerlaneshow

    We talk regulations on our show every week one way or another so yes I can agree we are servilely over regulated

  • Jkc

    I have been out here 40years the gov allways thinks it knows best when half never been I a truck we they never listen to the drivers same way with company’s they know best and we suffer

  • David S. McQueen

    One of the problems of a bureaucracy is that they are lazy. It’s much easier to simply issue another regulation and claim that the problem’s fixed. The private sector does it, too. What should be done (and won’t) is to look at the legal requirements (the law) and determine what the intent of the legislation is. Then sit down and start from scratch to formulate new regulations that implement the law AND are fair to the truckers and carriers. That’s a LOT of work and that’s exactly why it won’t happen. That, plus the fact that the ideology of “big government” is beloved by too many people.

  • Carl Forfun

    If such ans easy target for regulation than regulate it. I am not just talking about HOS, but Pay, Benefits, Home time, Make the carriers live up to promises, Brokers, not just try to stop what the drivers can make and stop taking it out on just us Drivers. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.