Trucking co. owner sentenced for underpaying drivers, ordered to pay $273k

| January 29, 2014

The owner of a defunct Illinois trucking company has been sent to prison and ordered to pay $273,118 to former drivers for falsifying payroll on a federal contract.


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The federal court of Southern District of Illinois sentenced William Patrick Pat Clark, 40, of Worden to 33 months of incarceration, $1,000 special assessment and three years supervised release Jan. 24. Last September, a district jury found the former owner and operator Clark Trucking and Excavation guilty of ten felony counts of making false statements after nine ex-drivers testified at his trial.

Clark also had signed a sworn affidavit claiming satisfaction of federal wage law for the $1.6 million the East St. Louis company was paid for Interstate 64 project.

The prevailing wage would have been 35.45 per hour, but drivers received about $15 per hour, according to the district’s U.S. attorney office. The federal Davis-Bacon Act requires prevailing wages be paid by contractors and subcontractors on federally funded or assisted contracts in excess of $2,000 regarding public buildings or public works.

  • g

    Sure…Truck Drivers should earn $35.45 per hour worked.
    However company owners PREFER to pay minimum wage.
    Mega Fleet Owners become BILLIONAIRES ripping off truck drivers.

  • guest

    This happens all the time in trucking.

  • George Bennett

    what he did was illegal…..however you saying company owners prefer to pay min wage?…..he was paying 15.00 an hr….he should have used only owner/ops for that job……we get 65 to 85 an hour…..after fuel and expenses there’s no way to turn a profit on prevailing wage jobs if you have to pay 35 an hr to a driver strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.