Trucking employment continues years-long gains

| February 01, 2013

The number of jobs in the trucking industry fell swiftly during and after the most recent recession in 2008 and 2009, bottoming out in March 2010. Since, however, trucking employment has gained big, and that trend continued in January: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that for-hire trucking companies added 5,000 payroll jobs in the month, pushing the total number of trucking payroll employment to 1.375 million jobs.

That number is up 1/3 of a percent from December and 3.6 percent — 47,400 jobs — from January 2012.

The economy as a whole added 157,000 jobs in January, but the unemployment rate rose a tenth of a percent to 7.9 percent.

For-hire trucking has added 141,000 jobs since March 2010 — an 11.4 percent increase — but is still 78,300 jobs (6.3 percent) below its peak in January of 2007. The numbers only reflect payroll employment of the for-hire trucking industry and do not take into account trucking jobs in other industries.



  • localnet

    No mention of the 189,000 that stopped looking for work in January? So, 157,000 new hires… Now lets subtract the weeks newly unemployed of 350,000 and we get a gain of… Oh… Wait a minute… 157,000 subtract 350,000 = a net job loss of 193,000! And how about the 189,000 in January that gave up… That equals a net loss of 382,000 people in the job markets… Man, talk about the new math the regime and drive by media is shoveling…

    At this rate we will be at full unemployment in no time! Or is that “full employment”… Hey, how we going to spin this?

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