Trucking employment jumps again in June, U.S. job growth healthy

| July 03, 2014

The for-hire trucking industry added 3,300 jobs in June on a seasonally adjusted basis, according to the monthly employment report released July 3 by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

April and May’s employment numbers for the industry have also been upwardly revised, with the BLS reporting 500 additional jobs gained in April than previously reported and 800 more in May.


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The U.S. economy as a whole in June added 288,000 non-farm jobs, BLS reports, pushing the country’s unemployment rate down to 6.1 percent. That’s the lowest unemployment rate since September 2008, and according to the AP, the last five months of hiring are the strongest since a tech-based job growth streak in 1999-2000.

For-hire trucking now has 1.4009 million payroll jobs, according to BLS, up 26,000 jobs from June 2014 (1.8 percent) and up 180,000 jobs (14.7 percent) from March 2010, the low point in the most recent recession. However, trucking employment remains 48,400 jobs (3.3 percent) below January 2007′s peak.

Total transportation and warehousing employment grew by 16,600 jobs in June. Employment also grew in construction (6,000), manufacturing (16,000) and mining and logging (6,000). The government added 26,000 jobs in the month.

Note: The BLS numbers for trucking reflect all payroll employment in for-hire trucking, but they don’t include trucking-related jobs in other industries, such as a truck driver for a private fleet. Nor do the numbers reflect the total amount of hiring since they only reflect the number of employees paid during a specified payroll period during the month.

  • Jack Simon

    The false “driver shortage” isn’t over.

    As long as the wages for truck drivers stays low, there will always be a shortage. When the wages rise to meet the demands of what the job requires, there will be plenty of people to start driving a truck. Until then the industry will continue to suffer “shortages”.

  • Ron

    Even if it was a shortage That would be scary big companies putting inexperienced drivers on the road There are enough out here now.

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  • Jack Simon

    Maybe when the gubmint stops changing the HOS ‘rules’ fewer of the experienced drivers will quit.

  • Mike Smith

    It looks like the gov added almost 25% as many jobs as the private industry did all together. There seems to be some thing fishy about employment stats.

    If the gov wants to show us hire employment all they have to do is us our tax money & our fines to hire more government employees. And when doing so who are they hiring? Their Affirmative Action welfare recipient friends & voters. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.