Hamilton Caster’s heavy-duty series

Load Securement | April 17, 2014

Hamilton Caster 7700 SeriesHamilton’s 7700 Caster Series is a line of dual-wheel solid pneumatic casters designed to cushion loads while providing a carrying capacity up to 8,400 pounds per caster. The series is rated for heavy-duty ground support and is built for greater stability due to their wide stance, drop-forged steel mounting plates and CNC-machined raceways. The wheels are available in six diameters and are equipped with 1- or 1¼-inch tapered roller bearings. Options include a permanently welded four-position swivel lock and a heavy-duty contact brake.

Hamilton Caster, www.hamiltoncaster.com

Albion Casters’ AX Wheels

Albion Casters’ AX Wheels are engineered with a rounded polyurethane tread that is chemically and mechanically bonded to a lightweight aluminum core to facilitate easier swiveling and quieter gliding while carrying loads up to 1,500 pounds per wheel and dispelling debris such as sand, metal ...

Kinedyne load binder enhancements

In anticipation of possible government standardization of load binders, Kinedyne has added features to its products to match the Web Sling and Tie-Down Associations' suggestions. Kinedyne load binders now feature stamped markings with the company's logo, a manufacturer code and reference to the manufacturing date ...

StrapCaddy hands-free phone accessory

The StrapCaddy is designed for hands-free talking. It can hold a phone securely, attaching the phone to the seatbelt, while the driver uses the speakerphone. The StrapCaddy is an alternative for people who don’t have or want Bluetooth devices. It stays on your seatbelt and ...

McNaughton LCD404L Locking Cantilever TV Wall Mount

The McNaughton LCD404L Locking Cantilever TV Wall Mount has a 25-in. extended arm and is designed specifically for TVs mounted in moving vehicles. When not in use, LCD404L locks your screen securely against the wall with “SmartLock,” a patent-pending, spring-loaded pin locking mechanism with a ...

Kinedyne cast mandrel winch

The Kinedyne one-piece cast mandrel winch is made of steel and has a redesigned web slot radius. The mandrel cap holes were built to resist egging and elongation for improved safety. Kinedyne www.kinedyne.com (800) 848-6057

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