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Truckpocalypse: What happens when America’s trucks stop

| December 19, 2012

With the Mayan Calendar and doomsday mania coming to a head this Friday — the day the Mayan calendar supposedly “ends” — Overdrive  publisher Randall-Reilly delves into a much more real-world apocalyptic scenario: The Truckpacolypse. That is — what would happen if all trucks in the U.S. were halted?

The issue is examined in an infographic on and details what would happen to water and food supplies, fuel availability, healthcare, banks, the retail segment, manufacturing and emergency responders. Click here (or the photo below) to see the infographic.











Overdrive Senior Editor Todd Dills wrote a similar piece for Truckers News (which merged with Overdrive in August) in 2008. Click here to see his piece. 

  • Andrea Sitler

    Think it would be an eyeopener for many.

  • godfearingrebel

    They dont seem to care if my family starves or runs out of gas. In four days we would have two doller diesel promised, fmcsa would would be put in their correct place, we could suddenly move freight effeciently and competitively. For once lets stand together before we fall seperatly

  • Josef

    That is what we should do to tell America that we can not drive for these rates any more.

  • Jasbir Singh

    if trucks stop here then china truckers will be here. don’t worry!

  • godfearingrebel

    Not in time tho

  • mtnman394

    It will never happen…..there is no pride in America anymore…we are in a ME’s all about ME,ME,ME…and we work in an Industry with a 230% turnover rate.

  • ilovdieselsmoke

    Well…. just stick around for the end of December when the ILA dockworkers along the east & gulf coast strike & picket the port facilities. Intermodal trucking will also come to a screeching halt after the first coupe of days except for the few fools who want to continue going down to the waterfront & wait for hours on end while port supervisors & bus loads of their scabs attempt to operate equipment like keystone cops. For those who remember the earlier computer troubles which plagued the ports of Savannah,GA some twelve years ago it’ll be interesting to again watch lines ten miles long for the first day or two until the majority of truckers figure out they’ll simply go broke waiting outside the gates in the highway. Total confusion will be the buzz word down at the piers. NO thanks,,, our three trucks will be parked at the house until all the long shore labor returns back to work and only then we’ll move if the trucking company customers are willing to guarantee extra pay for the mounting delays that will surely take place over a period of weeks following the STRIKE while some type order is finally restored to our already dysfunctional intermodal port terminal system….

  • tiredoflousyrates2012

    It would be a great thing, finally those who use truck services would realize that lousy rates are just not acceptable any more, hopefully fmcsa would also realize where the source of all problems start, with those who pay carriers, especially small ones. Shippers are irresponsible and brokers are cancer to the industry, they take every dime they can from a small carrier.

  • Bill

    I had to put an end to my trucking career after 31 years because of the Calif. air resource board, they literally put me out of business, and in 2016 calif. will not let trucks older than a 2010 run in the state. I was born and raised in Calif. and I have watched the corrupt Govt. here destroy the state, California sucks…

  • Richard Wilson

    Exacatly what I was saying at eh confrence in KC. Thanks for putting this graphic together!

  • Marty Marsh

    LMAO, you can’t get 2 truck drivers to agree what day it is not to mention standing up for theselves. Divide and Conquer has worked so well they could actually lower pay and most wouldn’t say crap if they had a mouth full. We have become a bunch of spineless creatures to our dictators, and they keep making the rules to go against us or take more money out of our pockets. I used the words WE and OUR, that wasn’t right because after 39 years of this garbage I am an EXTRUCKER.

  • Marty Marsh
  • Allan Sumrall

    It won’t happen, besides higher rates only mean higher consumer cost, we need to drop 75% of the taxes on fuel and lower the core cost of the fuel start by removing crude oil from wall street, that will allow more profit all around. in an oil based economy the price of crude will always determine the cost of living.

  • Marty Marsh

    I don’t believe mentioned why it stopped. Which has a lot to do with it. If it was from drivers finally coming together LMAO. Then uncle Sam would work around it. If it is from some kind of catastrophe, we have used horses and wagons before but I bet no one is going to like it.
    Would you like to see this happen, quit driving.
    With the folks at ATA they will make sure this never happens, because they are lining themselves up to be the only trucking companies in the country. Wake up. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.