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Todd Dills

Truckster app ‘by and for drivers’

| April 19, 2011

From the Maine Morning Sentinel newspaper comes news of the former hauler, 42-year-old Leigh Gagnon, who created and launched in 2009 the Truckster app for the iPhone and Android phones. Available for $3.99 in the Android market and iTune App Store, the multifunction app provides a searchable platform to the majority of truckstops the nation over, with current fuel prices, various amenities, and more.

Also searchable by location are rest areas, Wal-Mart locations, weigh stations, hotels, SpeedCo locations and stops with TransFlo services. “This application is designed to be a community effort,” the makers say. Drivers using the app can assist the developer in updating the information and adding additional stops. Additionally, drivers can communicate with each other by posting notes about each stop. Truckster is working on adding a load board as well, makers say. Stay tuned.

For more about the app, read the Morning Sentinel story, quite goofily titled “Looking for a twenty on some go juice? There’s an app for that.” Or search for “Truckster” in the markeplaces on your phone for user reviews.

  • leigh gagnon

    more items are planned for the app. if anybody has any questions about the app, please feel free to me at thx, leigh

  • leigh gagnon

    special thanks to overdrive for mentioning the app.

  • Stephen C

    6.00 cost on android platform,in accurate listings i just use my pocket truckstop book save your money

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  • leigh gagnon

    the app doesn’t cost 6.00 and has never cost that much for either the android or iphone version. as for using the pocket truckstop guide, that guide doesn’t have maps, diesel fuel prices, walmarts, weigh stations, and weigh station alerts. plus, when that pocket guide gets outdated, you have to spend another 5 bucks for a new copy.

  • Sarah A.

    It only costs 2.99 on iPhone and 3.99 on Android. Also, DAT Load information can be accessed via Truckster!

  • Peter Waterman

    I have an android smart phone and have been trying to download Truckster for several weeks now. All I get from the market is Truck Stop. My friends tell me that Truckster is much better. How can I get a copy on my phone?

  • Todd Dills

    Peter, Looks like Truckster is still listed on the Android market as “Truck Stops,” which I believe I mentioned in later reporting on it in Overdrive. “Truck Stops” is the one you’re looking for. I’d heard from Gagnon that Truckster would be a free app with some updates in the near future (correct, Leigh?), but it looks like I’m still seeing it listed at $1.99 — small price for such functionality, though, as it were. I hope this helps.

  • Chriusty Smith

    I am only getting truck stops as the app on my iphone4. Can’t find Truckster, I really only want the app for the dat load board. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Kevin Downey

    Can’t find you in app store!!!!

  • Todd Dills

    Looks like it’s still listed as “Truck Stops” in the apps market, everyone, fyi.

  • Christy Smith

    On the description via iphone app it doesn’t state the ability to access dat. Anyone have this app for iphone and does it have dat available? Thanks

  • Todd Dills

    Christy, I believe you’re correct that the DAT functionality was removed from the app subsequent to this story being published. For DAT loads specifically, you might try My DAT Truck Stop, a free app, and the “Trucker Tools” app is working on getting free load postings in the app as well (that one’s the former “Truck Stop Coupons app,” recently expanded. Also, Truckster last I heard was working on its own load board to be hosted within the app. Not sure of progress at this point there.

  • Larry

    The upgrade killed the App. Won’t work on IPhone 3g or 4g now. It demands internet connection. Not everyone has mobile WiFi. They need to fix this right away or refund everyone.

  • Robert Lorenzen

    Why isn’t the app working right?
    I can use everything but search for truck stops.
    It’ll let you pick state, but Asa you click on route, my phone goes back to its home screen. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.