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| August 23, 2010

It’s going on a year since I chatted with Daniel Audet of Truckstar Radio for my Truckers News “Exit Only” piece about TruckStar Radio, his online radio show. Audet, formerly a hotshot boat hauler and industry blogger, is still going strong with TruckStar, and tonight I’ll visit with him on his show to talk about my August Overdrive story about the new PreExisting Condition Insurance Plan, one of the first pieces of the health-care-reform-bill puzzle to come to fruition. Given the struggle for many in the industry, as in the general population, to qualify for quality insurance, the plan, though not exactly the most affordable in the world, represents at least an option for insurance coverage for folks with turbulent medical histories.

Follow the last link to give the piece a read, and to tune into Audet’s show — and/or call in and talk — visit He’s starting up at 8 p.m. Eastern tonight and I’ll be on shortly after. If you’ve checked out the plan, by chance, I’d love to hear about your experience signing up. Catch you on the airwaves…

Following find my video interview with Audet from last year:

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