Two Mexican carriers fail entrance audit for U.S. authority

Two carriers who applied for participation in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s cross-border trucking pilot program with Mexico were denied entrance due to a failed safety audit, FMCSA announced this week.

All entrants into the program must successfully complete the Pre-Authorization Safety Audit, and Transportes Mor SA de CV and Adriana Leon Amaro both failed part of the audit dealing with implementing a drug and alcohol testing program that complies with U.S. regulations.

FMCSA published a notice in the U.S. Federal Register this week detailing the carriers’ unsuccessful PASA completion.

They are the first two carriers since FMCSA started the program in 2011 to fail the PASA. Ten other Mexican carriers have successfully passed and gained U.S. authority from the agency.

Both carriers started and finished the PASA last year.


  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    Just one more reason for brokers to drive the rates down when Paco el Taco and his 1989 Freightliner held together with chicken wire, duct tape, and hope starts running for 10 cents a mile in the United States of America.


  • Jess McClure

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  • silentpartner

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  • Jacinto Chavez Alvarado

    The fight belongs not between labor. It’s between labor and capital. We have not done the job with creating a united front as labors with trucks. We are not united. We are afraid to unite as a union why? Time is against us. Soon the driver will be replaced a robot. Just look at the auto industry. We are like the elephant afraid of the mouse (Mexican). Get real and form a union to protect the industry before it is too late.!

  • Mike Jones

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  • Mike Jones

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  • Mike Jones

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  • Mike Jones

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  • Porter M. Corn

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  • Clapton Fan

    What’s the matter Porter Cornholio? Offended by the truth? I live in So. Cal. and the Mexican laborers have succeeded at ruining every decent paying blue collar job out there. Construction, Autobody, Auto mechanics, warehousing, and now trucking. They only help there own kind and it’s all about La Raza to them. Cornholio, your in a bubble and out of touch with the industry. That, or your a recruiter for Swift. The last American Cowboy is dying a painful death and all you care about is whether WE are racist? The Mexicans have a racist term for every race. The call blacks “Mayetes”, Asians are called “Chino’s”, whites are Gabachos or Gringo’s. So who’s the racist you dumbass? What about when the mexican truckers tried to shout down the L.A. ports with “Day without a Mexican.”. That was the greatest day becasue the freeways were wide open just showing how they “F” that up too. It’s time for Juan Garcia Rodriguez Lopez to quit parking his truck on hs

  • Clapton Fan

    Yeah, look what your so-called union did to the auto industry and Twinkies. I think we just need to close our southern border and start charging Mexico huge tariffs and stop sending them assistance. They were not there for us during WWII when we needed them to let us protect the southern Baja peninsula. They said “no, we don’t want to get involved. We’re neutral.” Useless ungrateful trash just like the French.

  • Clapton Fan

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  • Clapton Fan

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