Two to Tango

| July 09, 2005

“We do driver education, we do Trucker Buddy, we speak at hours-of-service change meetings with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,” says Karen. “We’ve given some talks for the Minnesota Trucking Association.”

With that kind of involvement in matters related to trucking image, showing a winning truck is a natural fit for Harvey, a former Overdrive Trucker of the Year, and his wife of 20 years.

“We’ve kind of figured over the years who can do what,” Karen says. Harvey applies the wax and polish; she removes it, except for the stacks. Harvey cleans underneath the truck. Karen goes over the truck with a toothbrush, doing the detail work.

As for appearance and level of preparation, she and Harvey haven’t had major disagreements about their truck, Icy Blu 2, a 9900ix International, and its predecessor, Icy Blu.

“Our philosophy is if it’s not going to make a difference a year from now, then we don’t worry about it,” says Karen, who works outside of trucking.

She says some of her favorite moments have been preparing for truck shows at night, when the crowds are gone. “We’re working together toward a common goal,” she says. “It’s peaceful and quiet, and we can actually have some quality time talking together.”

Ray and Karen Pierce, from St. Augustine, Fla., jointly embraced the show truck idea from the beginning. They built the sleeper themselves by putting a step-van body onto the frame of a Peterbilt 379EX, stretched to 336 inches, which they call Soul Mates.

“When we first started, we drew the plans with chalk in a Wal-Mart parking lot,” Karen says.

She got the interior decorator’s job. “We have the same tastes, so there wasn’t much disagreement,” Ray says. “Karen made the curtains while we were driving down the road.”

They both like dolphins, so she picked material with dolphins on it.

“We do this because we enjoy showing the truck to kids and letting them get in, and showing it to drivers’ wives who’ve never seen something like this,” Ray says. “The best sponsors I have are God and my wife.”

“It’s all about sharing what we’ve been blessed with,” Karen says.

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