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Todd Dills

Union campaign to boost inspection dollars tars truckers

| July 12, 2012

Can you imagine your state’s government employees resorting to something like this?

The image here is of a billboard, among other similar ads that are part of a campaign being waged by British Columbia, Canada’s weigh-station inspection force for more funding, attempting to exploit the general public’s supposed fear of Class 8 on-highway trucks.

The Canadian Today’s Trucking publication has a great story about the effort, spearheaded by the B.C. Government and Employees Union — and North American Truckers Guild’s efforts to fight it.

NATG president Larry Hall told Today’s Trucking: “The union are in full bargaining mode and they don’t care who they’re throwing under the bus.”

Click through the image above or check out the full report here.

  • Jim Whitman

    I’m all for having more officers on our roads up here grabbing those that flaunt the laws and disgrace the image of trucking. To post an ad to get your point through by dragging the industry through the freaking mud in the public view is wrong on many counts. Half of the officers they higher only use the service to get into better Govt jobs while collecting paychecks and benefits. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.