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Unwanted visitors at a Texas Walmart

This has been one helluva trip. They’re all different and exciting in their own way, but this time out changed me. Up until this point, I had never experienced the discrimination against truck drivers face-to-face, I’d heard about it and read about it and been told some pretty incredible stories by my readers about it, but I had never had it in my own face. I had never felt judged, just for showing up in a truck, until we went to the Walmart in Lancaster, Texas.

George is very familiar with the Lancaster area, he delivers there often. Like any other trucker, he knows where his “sleep spots” are, and where he can go to get groceries and supplies for the truck without being hassled. The Walmart at North I-35E was one of these places. Or at least it used to be.

We have a standing rule in our house. If you can buy it anywhere other than Walmart, buy it there. We don’t shop at Walmart when we’re home. Ever. The only reason we frequent Walmart on the road is because it’s one of the few places we can get a truck in and out of without taking landscaping with us. Up until a few weeks ago, most Walmarts we’d tried were truck friendly, and we could get in and out easily.

When we pulled into the Lancaster store, George noticed signs everywhere:


“That’s weird. I was just here three weeks ago and stayed the night in the lot. I’ll go in and talk to the manager, so we don’t get towed while we’re shopping.”

Walmart boycott stickerHe parked (we only had the tractor – no trailer) and went inside to find a manager. We went directly to the front desk, and asked for one. George told the lady we were truckers (immediate eye-roll from her), and we needed to get some supplies. He wanted to make sure his rig didn’t get towed, while we were spending money in their store. She flipped out a walkie talkie.

“We’ve got trucking customers at the front. What do I tell them?”

“They have one hour, write the time down.”

She put the walkie talkie back on the clip.

“You’ve got one hour.”

As you can imagine, I was completely furious. I was hopping on one foot and smoke was trailing out of both ears. I wanted to drag her smug, eye-rolling ass across the counter and stomp some sense into her. George realized this and led me away from the counter before I went to DEFCON 5.

“I will be naked, starving and cold before I spend one thin dime in this craphole.”

“Babe, I’ve got to have a couple of things. We won’t buy anything that’s not completely necessary to get us to the next place we can shop, OK? Just be cool.”

I agreed to be cool, but I was so insanely angry it was completely futile. I just kept going back to the “one hour to spend your money” thing. We are not criminals. As a matter of fact, without our services, Walmart wouldn’t function at all. Sam Walton credited his success to his truck drivers. Sam would have pooped his pants to see the way we were treated here. I wandered around and thought about all the things on the shelves that my own husband had probably delivered to this very store. I decided I needed answers. I wanted to give Walmart a chance to defend themselves, because in my mind there were already horrific stories forming about a plague of biblical proportions coming upon this Walmart. I gleefully imagined the eye-rolling manager dragging her half-dead corpse to the door and begging the truckers to come bring the cure to the Walmart plague. It made me feel better. I calmed down enough to be reasonable and went looking for a manager to explain the sudden change of heart about truckers.

I found Ms. Eye-Roller, and very politely asked her if I could speak to someone who knew why the truckers were suddenly not welcomed. She told me the City of Lancaster was the reason they couldn’t let trucks park there anymore. When I questioned how the City of Lancaster could make rules about private property, she changed her story and said it was the new security service they hired. The new security service wouldn’t let trucks park. When I questioned why they let RVs park and not trucks, she gave me another big ol’ eye-roll and flipped out her walkie talkie again.

“Do we have a manager who can talk to a trucking customer available?”

Someone crackled back they’d “be right there,” and she left me to wait.

About five minutes later, another manager appeared. He was absolutely not happy to be where he was. His body language spoke volumes: Arms crossed, chest puffed out, jaw set. He was ready for a fight, and I was not going to give him one. I politely explained my husband had frequented this Walmart, and we were wondering why there were suddenly no trucks allowed. I mentioned that without these trucks, he wouldn’t have a job, nor would anyone else in the store. I mentioned I wrote for a trucking magazine, and would like to quote him on the new rules, to give Walmart a chance to defend themselves. When I offered to show him an article on my phone, he pushed the phone out of the way and said (and I’m completely ad-libbing here, this is in no way a direct quote):

“This is private property. You have two hours to get off the lot or be towed. And you’re not quoting me in anything. Rabbits eat lettuce and monkeys eat bananas.” (I’m going to let you deduce what he actually said, and what was ad-libbed there, so as not to ruffle any feathers about a direct quote.)


He then stormed off to the “little man” section of clothing to pick himself out a pair of pants. Kidding! He did storm off, and he was a little guy, but I’m not sure if he buys pants in the infant section of his own store. Anyway, he really upset me, and I forced George to wait until there was one minute left on our “leave or get towed” clock, just to be an ass.

We don’t have a lot of friends out there when we’re in the truck. People don’t want us around, until there’s a disaster somewhere, then the first thing that goes out is a call to truckers to spend their own time and money to get life-saving supplies to people in ravaged areas. They’re happier than hell to see a truck then. No one considers the poor treatment they get every other day of the year, they just know they need stuff and the truckers bring it. Too bad people don’t make that connection with everyday goods, like groceries and shoes and toilet paper. People should be ashamed, especially people who need the trucks to keep their jobs. Shame on you, Walmart. Sam would be absolutely livid.

  • be nice

    you have to remember some other wise ass trucker pulled into that Wal-Mart and pissed off a customer or employee and ruined this spot for everyone – it would be nice to call the HQ relations people at Wal-Mart and get the facts before making a judgement –

  • be nice

    one other thing , i want to thank the truckers everywhere who have been out there for us Americans , without you America would die – Thanks Again !

  • Jackie

    Come to Deming New Mexico,they don’t care how many trucks are in their parking lot,it looks like a truck stop, No really I feel your pain, and your tired of getting ripped-off at truck stops.once again your the unwanted family member that does everything for them and they don’t want you ! And it’s not only Wal-Mart it’s this whole country,they want their products but have no idea how the hell it got their,and untill you organize and start working for one another the problem will exist, You need to strike,and I am not talking about a few days,I am talking about a week,everything except where medical is involved, I have been through 4 strikes and then the government will take notice and start using some common sense and quit the BS and let you make a living,this is the only thing the politicians might understand when they don’t get their laundry done

  • monte112

    Lancaster, Texas. was PARKING to go to the moives cop came up and me get the hell out, did think this could going on . will never stop there.

  • inewerface

    Unfortunately, the culture of trucking is changing. With all these new cultures of people, back rounds, ethnicicitys. All you have to do is look at any back lot of a WalMart where truckers have parked, look at all the trash, biowaste, (piss bottles to you who need clarifying), and other disgusting waste and its no wonder we are no longer welcome at these places. The professionalism is gone out of truck driving. And for God sake. Get over this self righteous thing that the world cant live with out us. Because it can. It will figure out a way and its happening before your very eyes and some of you are to blind to see. If you want to be welcome back to these places, show some pride. Clean up after yourselves and help clean up the area. And see how soon the attitude will change. How about having a clean up day. a bunch of drivers getting together and going to a WalMart and clean up the place. They do it for parks.

  • jp

    The reason we are seeing more and more signs at WalMarts and other box stores is the Drivers themselves. I stopped at one WalMart that I had been into for several years and saw a bright, shiney new No Trucks sign. I parked and went inside to see what was up. To cut the conversation short, the manager said that they were tired of picking up urine bombs and trucks parking across several lanes near the store blocking traffic and not out on the edges which would be alright.

    Look in the mirror guys…..

  • jp

    Throwing the flag. Bet they did not unload it in the street.

    Why would you cause trouble? Just tell the manager that its your truck and you are making a delivery in the morning and would like to park in a dock or out behind the store.
    Nice story, though

  • jp

    Agreed. I have 25yrs hauling everything from logs to frozen food to bulldozers. I am a professional and act and dress like it.

  • randy schaad

    I must say your all wrong its to the judgement of each and every walmart and lets get over the self righteous attitude if it want for trucks America wouldn’t move.. We all have a job to do whether its a pump gas work at walmart or driver trucks.. Let me give a a example of why walmarts don’t want trucks in there lot.. Most drivers are disgusting slobs they will come into a lot be careless about properties leave there garbage in carts or in the parking lot and either piss in the parking lot or leave there piss bottles in the parking lot. Maybe that manager was rude but all you had to do was to abide by his rules do your shopping in the time frame and leave… everything in life doesn’t have to be aout truckers rights truckers make there own bed.. I am a truck driver for 30 years I don’t like truck drivers.. Used to but the more Im around the the more they disgust me. I can go on and on how they harass the wait staff the girls behind fuel counters tie up fuel islands there thoughtless slobs.. I take a shower everyday I find a way to work out and if im everbroke down I wont ask for a truck driver to help me out Your just trying to start a war where it doesn’t need to be Goshop elsewhere walmart is a multi billion dollar empire and a few thousand destructive slob truck drivers isn’t going to ruin them.. If you wanna blame anyone blame that disgusting truck driver parked next to you that’s to lazy to walk in a truck stop and will piss in a parking lot.. So get off your soap box….

  • randy

    because truck drivers are idiots and we all know if walmart called that guys company he would be fired and told to back to that dock so stop posting stupid shit that’s not true truck drivers talk a lot but never follow thru

  • randy

    you risk nothing soap box queen get your fat ass in your truck and drive we can train monkeys to do what we do its very simple stop looking for a pat on the back and that’s it

  • randy

    amen love your honesty that story was half ass written to make the walmart look bad they had no professional way of speaking about the manager I been in a Walmart in ohio with the same signs did the same thing walked up to management and asked if I could shop and they said no problem I parked out of the way was polite and thanked them when I left and asked why the sign and they said drivers was the issue and I told them how I felt about the same people I worked with…Come to my house its clean my cars a re
    clean and my big truck.. I shower I dump my garbage in garbage cans and I dont look like a truck driver when I go in public places to shop look around and see and smell what we work around.. If you don’t like the way a store handles there property move on.. very simple….

  • martymarsh

    I use to work for a guy that always said drivers are a dime a dozen, and then I would toss him a dime and tell him to go get a GOOD dozen.
    But you are right, some of you can be replaced very easy.

  • martymarsh

    It is so easy to say anything, and make me look like the perfect person. So you never get upset? You are such a cool cucumber that you can handle anything? How many things going bad in one day before you lose it, you say you can handle anything?
    I would only tell you that God did not make us all the same, even Jesus was upset when he went to church to worship and everyone was there selling there wares, had it been today you would have said he went ballistic.
    To have to put up with continuous bull jit, just because people think they can keep feeding it to you because of their position, is way past ridiculous. To deny that people give other people a hard time just because they can would make you part of the problem.
    I’ve been doing this for 39 years and I couldn’t care less what other people think of me.
    I will treat you the way you treat me, so let’s be professionals together.
    No you can not slap the other cheek, it hurt to much the first time.

  • Justin Scribner

    i had a similar experience in Wichita KS at a Walmart. i was delivering potting soil on a Flat Bed trailer. I pulled up on the out side part of the parking lot and Walked inside to find out who was going to receive my shipment, and just as I was walking in side a man in a security car pulled up and asked if I was the driver of the truck and I said yes, he then told me that I could not park on their property. I quickly tried to explain to him I was making a delivery and was just going in to find someone to unload me.
    the security guard called a manager and the manager quickly told me I was not allowed to park on walmart property. i explained to him I was making a delivery and was told they do not accept deliveries on flat beds and if I did not leave I would be towed.
    I pulled off of the property and parked next door
    i called the shipper and explained to them what was going on, and explained to them I was not going to go back onto Walmart property to unload.
    The shipper had to call the buyer for Walmart to tell them that I was not allowed to unload.
    When it was all over, i was unloaded in the lot beside the Walmart. i was also paid detention for the 5 hours I was there dealing with them.

  • mousekiller

    JP you and Randy are woosies and the exact reason this industry is in the shape it is in. Woosies that are afraid to stand up to mistreatment. Job scared is another term used infrequently.

  • mousekiller

    Randy you must be a desk jocky dispatcher. A trained monkey can do your job?. Well said Randy. Finally the truth out of the mouth of a dispatcher.

  • mousekiller

    Because you don’t believe her is no reason to call them a liar. I have had someone hang on to my drivers mirror and I dropped them off at the end of the ramp on an interstate @Atlanta GA. . NO charges, no problem, no lie. It does happen so suck it up buttercup. The truth is stranger than fiction. The real world is out there. Try to be a part of it.

  • mousekiller

    The next time you go by a big truck stop get on the CB and ask if there are any stupid drivers in the TS.?

    John will probably be the one to answer.

  • mousekiller

    Lets go back there Ken. Re read it. She said she didn’t see the sign. Heres YOUR sign .

  • mousekiller

    I often wonder why so called CDL experts or Trucker wanna B’s call every truck an 80,000 lb truck. Short sightedness or just ignorance of the facts?.. Some are half empty others are empty or some loaded but not to 80,000 lbs. Just call them trucks and your ignorance won’t show.

  • Bill Brown

    We ran across the same thing there, we hadn,t set the brake good and a wrecker driver came through in a small roll back and said he would be back in an hour with the big one and who ever was still there would be towed. We went inside and asked management about it and they told us we had an hour from the time on the reciept to leave or be towed. I did find out it wasn’t Walmart policy, the cities of the Dallas/Fort Worth area put in this policy to keep the trucks from idleing so much in the metro area. I am not taking up for walmart because some of them actually put up those yellow poles to keep you out, but if you can find where there trucks enter BINGO!!!

  • Andrea Sitler PhD DsC

    Sam was good to truckers. The kids such. No nice way to put it. I despise Walmart and despite it being the only shop of its’ type in our little town (Gun Barrel City, TX); I will drive over an hour just to shop at Kmart or Target. When in town, I use CVS. I remember when Walmart was marked on trucker and RV maps because they provided a service (overnight parking, shopping). That is what bribed me into using Walmart in the first place. We hauled for them and that did not make me want to shop at their stores but the parking thing did. I always believed in supporting or NOT supporting those who support truckers. It is a hard life and one with little respect.

    As for unwelcome, Sunnyvale, TX has long hated truckers. If you ever worked for Gulf Coast or ran Dal Tile, you passed by the Walmart I am referring to and probably saw the signs. GC and Dal have it posted to stay out of Walmart. You are towed on sight. The tow trucks sit there just waiting and daring you to “step” on their property.

    Back in the day, Sam would negotiate with the local area as to allow truckers. Today that has all changed. The kids let the localities push them around and they just don’t care. They are worried about market share at the cost of service to those who supported them all these years.

    Even in college, I had to do a paper on Walmart practices and found more disturbing news. Walmart bullies it supplies and has ruined some good brands who “got in bed with them”. The brand thought they were doing a good thing in the beginning but it turned out that their reputation was soiled. Others went out of business due to Walmart’s practice of “price negotiation”.

    While it looks good to the consumer; it means job loss and bankruptcy for businesses. Each year you have to lower your price to remain on their shelves. We all know inflation makes that almost impossible. We all seek a raise each year not a decline in our income. They are a company of bad business practices that thrives on the backs of others.

    It is a one stop shop that caters to lower income individuals and makes it convenient for them to hand over their cash and food stamp dollars all at one place. One bus or taxi trip and you can be stocked up for the month. Kmart and Target may be similar but for the most part, they achieve with better ethics. Heck, I would rather go to Big Lots than Wally World.

    Just like I would never eat at Lambert’s Cafe is the only home of throwed rolls in Sikeston MO due to their prohibitive truck parking and disdain for truckers; despite my desire to try those “throwed rolls”, the same conviction holds for Walmart and any other company that shuns truckers. I may not drive any more but it is still the trucking industry that pays my salary each week. My family for 3 generations worked in this industry and I always remember that without trucks – America stops.

  • Really

    Hmm, amateur vs professional.

    A professional is a person who is engaged in a certain activity
    or occupation for gain or compensation as a means of livelihood, such as
    a permanent career, rather than as a pastime.


    a : of, relating to, or characteristic of a profession

    b : engaged in one of the learned professions

    c (1) : characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession (2) : exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace


    a : participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs

    b : having a particular profession as a permanent career

    c : engaged in by persons receiving financial return


    : following a line of conduct as though it were a profession

  • Poka dot

    Wendy I don’t shop at WM for parking reasons It is their Dist.Centers/Corp policy. Back in 2005 I had one truck and two O/O running for me. When one O/O loaded in MI. going DC in WI. he called in the morning saying the DC wanted $130 to unload his truck. I called broker and he said to tell them it was for Stevens Transport and that he would pay us the same amount that he quoted. I told him that I could use the extra $130 more than WM. He said “that is just the way it is”. Two months later another O/O went to a DC in IN. and they wanted $155 to unload. Another call to broker and same as last call “that is just the way it is”. Told him if we ever loaded another WM load on my trailers it would sit in my yard till it rotted. Both loads were slip sheet to be unloaded by forklift. Haven’t crossed a property line to WM since and I’m living better for it. How many trucks bump the docks at a WM DC daily in this country and someone has to pay to do it. Can you imagine how much they make daily.

  • Christene Graham

    You are wrong there….It is NOT in any way shape or form any certain race that does it…. It is all races, male AND female. Don’t try playing the race card into this. It has nothing to do with race or gender. It has everything to do with laziness and selfishness.

  • Chicago owner operator

    Walmart in Chicago-Evergreen Park. Use to be truck friendly. The Village inspector of Evergreen Mr.Finn stated. “Walmart is truck friendly however, the Village of Evergreen Park does not honor their policy. He placed a big sticker on the truck window and said if we park there again it will be $150.00 fine.

  • Franklin Sinn

    Ahh, if u own your own truck (owner operator) you can very well do that. Know what you are talking about..

  • laurahix

    actually to any of you saying this story isn’t true, this story is basically the same experience we had. Had we not HAD to get something, we would have left, but Lancaster, TX store, is a no win store, they give no leeway and it’s the city that did it, not WM, because of the trash and stuff that has been left all over the parking lot.
    It’s a shame that driver can’t be more courteous with their trash and dogs etc.
    Put your crap in the trash, no one else wants to clean up after you.

  • Laura Roberts Clayton

    That guy is going to have a harder time finding that dozen for his dime after the 1st of May and the new physical requirements go into effect. The fat slobs giving all drivers a bad name, may find themselves unemployed. The ones who take the job and their health seriously will be running down the road.

  • Dave Whiteis

    I think that this is a hoax, or a single manager issue. Walmart creates special lots for truckers all over the place. Something does not add up here.

  • martymarsh

    Well people have all kinds of health problems, so if you think the industry is going to get a bunch of Lance Armstrongs you may as well forget that. Your last sentence I will just take to mean, bow down and obey, because the whole industry has become one big joke. 39 years and I thank God I am gone.

  • Dean

    What about Walmart’s policy to charge a trucker $5000 for being late for there appointment at there distribution centers at least that is what they do on the west coast.They treat there own drivers poorly with some of there policies. There own drivers are not allowed to sleep or nap in there truck while sitting in the Walmart store dock while they are getting unloaded even if it takes hours to get unloaded.Sound like Walmart are big time trucker haters now days.

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  • Cody winters

    I had a bad experience out in Fremont, OH one morning. I got in there pretty late the night before. When I parked I went in for about fifty dollars worth of items. Then after returned to my truck for a siesta. The next day around 6:30a.m. I woke to someone practically beating a hole through the side of my bunk. There was a man and he waved to me. I thought he had mistaken me for someone bringing a load in to that particular Walmart store. I quick got dressed and jumped out to talk inform him that I was just parked there for the night and he immediately jumped down my throat and told me I couldn’t be there and to move it. I told him that I was a paying customer from my previous nghts shopping. He said he didn’t care and that it wasnte a truck stop so go. I explained to him that I would be in violation on my electronic log Qualcomm device and he said. He said he didn’t care if you can’t go anywhere you have to move it over to the neighboring Lowe’s store because it can’t sit on their lot. I think it’s a crock of bs if you ask me. I wasn’t hurt in a fly. That morning there were two more trucks there besides me and they were told the same. Guy doesn’t deserve to manage shit. Just for his disrespect of the drivers I say at most he should be nominated for truck stop toilet duty. Or trash. Clean up after us. Cause prick like that don’t deserve to manage a place like that. Plus woul serve him right. Karma bitch.

  • Russ Frame


  • Russ Frame


  • Jim

    You have to keep in mind wally world doesn’t exactly require IQ test’s for any job. I’m sure many managers started out as “greeters” and had to be trained to breathe through their nose. It’s not their fault their waist size and IQ are a close match. The same with the flashlight cops in the lot. If the biggest event in your day was watching Taxi Driver and standing in front of a mirror repeating “you talkin to me” you would be pissed off at the world for being born too. Have some mercy on these poor slobs the next time think you just can’t wait any longer and pinch a loaf in the parking lot.

  • js

    Sam Wlaton would roll over in his grave. Walmart operates it’s own fleet and recognizes the value and needs of truck drivers and the need to park to shop in their store. That is why the vast number of Walmarts in this country have truck parking slots. These idiot managers who control the stores where trucks are not welcome should be fired.

  • Xtreemedrvr

    The Walmart D.C’s are bad when delivering to them also. They treat other drivers delivering there goods & services to them worse than a criminal. Can’t use bathrooms while there and so much more. The regular stores & SAMs clubs seem alike. I can go on with so much more but I agree all truckers should boycott these stores indefinitely. try dollar tree or dollar general to buy your goods odd lot is okay also. This.

  • Timothy H. Martin

    I had the same problem in Mason City, Ia. After talking to the manager, Jake Brown, (who turned out to be super nice and understanding of my situation,) we came to a solution that worked for both of us!

  • RickG

    Are you an O/O with your own authority delivering to WalMart? I doubt it.

  • RickG

    That is true. I remember when it happened.

  • RickG

    Yes, it is a corporate rule that has been in effect for years. It originated due to WalMart being fined by the EPA for emissions from idling trucks.
    November 1, 2005; Release # dd051101
    (Boston) – As part of a settlement for clean air violations, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will undertake a national effort to reduce diesel truck idling at its 4,000 facilities across the U.S. The anti-idling project results from a clean air enforcement action in Massachusetts and Connecticut brought by EPA’s New England regional office.

    The groundbreaking EPA settlement will result in Wal-Mart taking action across the country to address truck idling, by training Wal-Mart drivers, posting signs at all Wal-Mart facilities, and notifying other delivery companies of Wal-Mart’s policy to prohibit idling. Under the consent agreement, Wal-Mart will also pay a $50,000 penalty.
    EPA’s complaint that trucks were illegally idling at Wal-Mart stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut is the country’s first multi-state case that addresses idling violations.

  • Jim

    I had a problem with Springfield mo wallyworld. Shopped away a C note and went out to lay down for the night. About the time I dozed off a scrawny little peckerwood security guard BANGED on my door and said I had to leave. After getting NO SENSE out of him and telling him to advise the manager I would be back in the morning to return EVERYTHING I bought I left to find a place I could sleep. I got very little that night but I did go back after my delivery in town to a customer that didn’t allow trucks to park on their lot and returned EVERY item I bought except for a jug of milk I had already opened. They gave me a full refund for Everything, I left and haven’t been back since. I won’t even go there in my 4 wheeler while passing through. I hope I have cost them a LOT of sales with my story over the years.

  • FAAQ2

    Maybe guys named Randy are idiots or just assholes ?

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  • Chris Campagna

    I am a Walmart assistant manager and we have recently had to start asking drivers to not park long term at our location. The issue is not trash which is annoying. The issue is not a pee jug which is beyond disgusting. Customers in all vehicles leave behind all kinds of trash and disgusting items. The issue is the cost of repairs we are constantly having to make to damaged curbs, signs and ruts in our lot. Unfortunately it has become a major issue as our lot frequently fills up and gets so congested that turns in and out become tight and accidents happen. I hope this answers some concerns why Walmarts are restricting access. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.