uShip, eBay ink agreement on larger-than-parcel items

| March 10, 2014
Find an example of the look and feel of the eBay users' experience of the "Shipping Tab," newly enabed with connection to for LTP items, via this sample item.

Find an example of the look and feel of the eBay users’ experience of the “Shipping Tab,” newly enabed with connection to for LTP items, via this sample item.

In a press release issued March 10, representatives highlighted the story of Don LeMaster, an antiques and collectibles seller on eBay. Many of LeMaster’s items fall into what’s known as the Larger-Than-Parcel (LTP) small-freight category. Arranging for delivery of such items is now “about to get easier and more affordable,” says uShip, with the company’s new arrangement with eBay to be its global transport supplier for LTP items. 

uShip-powered delivery options will be incorporated across eBay categories regularly containing LTP goods, weighing more than 150 lbs and needing buyer-arranged shipping. It’s initially available in eBay Motors’ U.S.-sold vehicles, motorcycles, powersports and boats, but more categories will be added this coming Spring. 

“Within a year,” the company says, “uShip will be integrated into global eBay properties, more deeply into listings and in the buyer checkout process.”  

While the uShip-eBay agreement on LTP transport is new, the companies’ association is not. Since 2007, 93,000 users have linked their eBay accounts with uShip, the company reports. The transport marketplace has seen more than 560,000 eBay items valued at $712 million listed for shipping. To date, total shipping cost of eBay goods on uShip is nearly $75 million, about 15 percent of uShip’s all-time total shipping volume of $500 million. 

Company spokesman Dean Jutilla outlined what the new agreement could mean for transporters utilizing the marketplace: “More Volume. Annually, more than 3 million LTP items are bought and sold on eBay, which translates into more volume into the uShip marketplace.”

With new functionality tying eBay to uShip, an added measure of intent will flavor eBay users’ experience of arranging shipping. “Buyers or sellers,” Jutilla says, “have likely just consummated a transacation on eBay so are ready to ship now. While LTP on eBay represents a small percentage of total items sold, the large items tend be have higher selling prices, so represent a disproportionately high share of eBay’s Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV). When you are talking eBay volume, we’re not talking small numbers.”


Results: uShip’s new online-payment system

Carrier Dry Creek Express reports benefits of new uShip Payments collections system, now available to haulers booking freight in the uShip online marketplace.

Today, he adds, “buyers on eBay have either Local Pickup Only or Freight” as delivery options, but as suggested above, the uShip option now appears “on the Shipping Tab of four key eBay categories” and will continue to expand throughout other categories. 

You can view an example of the new options for buyers on eBay via the Shipping Tab on this example eBay Motors vehicle listing.

  • Clint

    Oh Great now e-Bays going to allow more of those Uship illegal carriers to handle publics goods . Just more horror stories coming up. Uship has got to get a handle on those illegal carriers and do more in confirming that those carriers are compliant with having FMCSA authority and meet DOT regulations. Remember if the carrier is hauling at a gross GCVW over 10,001 lbs. and is hauling for hire he must have authority to do so it is a problem there at Uship .When is this problem ever going to get resolved with the improper carriers they have. BEWARE and check to be sure you have a Legal Carrier.

  • Stormy

    How does U-Ship manage to do all this without being considered a broker? They collect the money, take out their percentage for the shipper and transporter, then give a code to the transportor at the end of delivery for their payment. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it I would think it must be a duck.

  • David Bryan

    to ask Uship to monitor drivers is like asking John Gotti to investigate the mobs what we need to do is get the phone # to the FMCSA and the DOT and every truck driver call and make a report put pressure on the dot to do something.

  • David Bryan

    it is simple, Money Talks, because we don’t use our voice the way we should. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.