Vehicle Miles Traveled tax proposed in House

| December 20, 2012

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) proposed a bill into the House that would, if passed, implement a pilot program to test the feasibility of a tax on miles traveled as a supplemental source of revenue for the Highway Trust Fund.

Because vehicles have become more fuel efficient, fuel taxes aren’t bringing in as much revenue as they once did, and looming tightening of fuel standards for cars and trucks stands to hurt the HTF’s revenue stream even more — up to 21 percent by 2040.

To read more on this story, see Overdrive sister site CCJ‘s report.

  • jescott418

    Just another example of government finding new revenue. I am not sure why Liberals think Democrat’s are for the poor? They raise sin taxes and other taxes that affect the middle and lower class more. Smoke and Mirrors is how they do it.

  • dan gerster oshkosh wi

    i thought we had a tax based on the miles traveled thru the states what are we buying a license plate for 2000 dollars a year if oregon had fuel taxes based on ifta i could buy fuel in that state , what about the states that have double fuel tax rates:in,ky,or,ar.ks and new york that already has a tom mile tax.what about all the other states that have low fuel tax that people buy in why not buy your fuel in high tax states and get a quartley refund 2 trks we average 200.00 back and the states still get their money who’s idea were getting better fuel milelage still getting 6 mpg hauling 80,000 lbs , why do the oil compannies keep shipping our good fuel overseas while we import the crap from the middle east better fuel better mileage

  • David S. McQueen

    A democrat wanting to raise taxes. Why am I not surprised? And his Lord Obama promised no new taxes! For those companies that run commercial vehicles but don’t register under IFTA or IRP, it’s another administrative burden devised by democrat/socialists. I’m tired of it. If Obama and his Marxists want to control the private sector, why can’t they just come out in the open with it?

  • dlanier

    The Government gets 60 cents of every dollar at pump taxes. oil company gets 6 cents. store owner gets 3 cents .every gallon you buy is already taxed like the death tax. double jepordy and these people keep getting voted in please help our country
    that is on cars. trucks are triple that. lookout people your product prices going up if this goes thru

  • ed barch

    as an o/o i am not surprised an OREGON democrat put forth this proposal since their 16 & a third cent per mile tax is already how that state charges & makes it prohibitive to buy fuel there. that rate is worse than a toll road and makes it necessary to purchase fuel in all other states to balance it out.

  • Shaggy

    Now you know the reason for mandating EOBR’s.Do you think this is something that has not been planed for a long time. And you thought they were listening in those listening sessions they had for hours of service.That was decided from the start, they just had to put on the show that our opinion mattered. And last but not least YOU thought your vote mattered, THAT also was decided long before you ever thought about voting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gregga Trott

    I was once told “Greg when you get your own truck you will soon see just how many people have a hand in a drivers pocket” Well I am sure as hell seeing a lot of it. I am not understanding why they are taking so much from us as O/O are we not to eat and have home time. Heck we should just send all the money we make to the government and hope they feed us.

  • Marty Marsh

    I’m so tired of these slugs, an idiot like this might see that we are getting better fuel mileage, but he can’t see that fuel keeps going up. I wonder if it ever crossed his mind to quit spending or maybe take a pay cut?

  • Marty Marsh

    I’m not agreeing with your math, just because I know different, who gets the other 3.30?

  • Marty Marsh

    It’s a shell game.

  • mugy

    Bring back jobs from China and yo,ll have plenty of money,f—n Governors.

  • Greg

    This is ridiculous ….Its a shame we dont have a truckers co-operative among the O/O ( I hate the word union) To stop these crooks who cant live with in their own means..God forbid take a pay cut or cut spending…I would gladly join a “Sit in” an block the highways..So we could stop the country for just one day. Seems its the only thing they understand…Trucks drive the country…Quit screwing with us…

  • Guest

    what are we gonna do…4 more years of crap like this…they want our guns…why dont they just tell us they are gonna try and kill us all…oh and also they just got a raise today with the “bluegum’s signature giving all of these scum a bump in pay…they are slippery as snot on a door knob…

  • Jim Cox

    it is amazing that you say only dems raise taxes. it does not matter who is president or what party is elected to work in congress, taxes will go up. if a repulican would have proposed this bill i am sure you would have said this is a gooid thing for everyone

  • David S. McQueen

    No, it’s not amazing, Cox. It’s the truth. More Republicans have LOWERED taxes, more Democrat-Socialists have RAISED taxes. I’m sure you have a picture of Karl Marx hanging on the wall. It’s people like you who are the REAL enemy of the USA.

  • M-1

    What to many people have forgotten about is that the HTF was “busted” several years ago and money is diverted to other transportation modes such as city bus and light rail. If all the money went to the highways as it originally did, we would have the best highway system in the world! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.