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Todd Dills

Video blogging to lose weight

| May 20, 2009

Trucker Steve Jennings of LaFollette, Tenn., is on a quest to lose weight, he tells us — and not just us. He’s chronicling said quest on YouTube. Follow his progress here on his channel or on his profile pages at and The first such vid (below), posted just last week, follows Jennings on a protracted walk around his truck, among other things. Did you know 33 times around the truck equals a mile?

I don’t know about you, but broadcasting your weight-loss progress to the world sounds like a great way to incentive weight loss; keeps the pressure up, perhaps. In any case, let him know you’re rooting for him. . . .

  • Lose Weight Quick

    great stuff i love the attitude of this guy…. impersinations are pretty funny. Steve is right though if you want to lose weight it#39;s up to you

  • Auto 1

    Hi Todd,br /br /i heard about Steve and thought i would come check it out.. good on him, i had no idea 33 laps around a truck = a mile.. good luck steve you can do it…

  • Nissan 4×4

    this guy is worth his weight in gold.. i hope he follows through… good on you Steve strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.