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Video: Most Beautiful winner shares life on and off the road

| July 30, 2014
Emily Weymouth hauls for Dennison Lubricants in Massachusetts.

Emily Weymouth hauls for Dennison Lubricants in Massachusetts.

It’s probably a safe bet that there’s not too many slender women drivers that every day drag around the heavy hoses used in distributing lubricants, getting plenty greasy in the process – and love the work. Emily Weymouth, recent winner of Overdrive’s Most Beautiful contest, is one of them.

“I get a lot of times people saying, ‘Why are you doing this job?’” Weymouth says in the video below. She answers that question, and talks about women in trucking and the interesting things she does in her off-time, including modeling.

Those of you coming to the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Aug. 21-23, will get a chance to meet Weymouth. She’ll make appearances at the Overdrive booth and the booth of Con-way Truckload, sponsor of the contest, and possibly elsewhere.

I hope to see you there!

  • strshowman

    If y’all wanna really get down to the nitty gritty of it, the real drivers are the ladies and gents out here pullin oversized loads consistantly every day and safely.

  • Misty BigRig

    Emily… YOU are beautiful! Enjoy and have FUN tomorrow! No insecurities here. I love giving positive encouraging sentiment to any woman skinny, fat, slender, slightly obese, extremely obese, and to those who just need that extra love. Too many insecure women rather insult someone and find flaws this is a way to numb how they feel. They are just hurting inside because they don’t get the recognition that you are getting. I understand there are many women who feel that they deserve the respect for being a driver. There are awards for that. This one is the Most Beautiful Contest. Last years winner wasn’t picked because she was skinny. She was voted for the same. Just be you. Take comfort in knowing that God, Mother Theresa, and many other great leaders were not liked as well. Not one person in present or past can please ALL. People don’t even love their own family. Hold your head up high tomorrow and smile beautiful. I also have something for you to think about. Why do athletes, super stars, and celebrities make more money to entertain folks than the firefighters, police officers, and THE MILITARY who DIE for us? Statistics show, naturally there are more people that find entertainment more valuable that human kindness. Use this to your advantage while you are doing something with your life. The same people complaining are content enough in their own life to not change, so they make it appear they like where they are at, even though they are miserable. I have never understood why people live in this world and complain if they can’t use their time in making something they feel passionate about better. Would it make the majority people complaining about you being skinny or slender happy if there was a challenge that described their personal appearance or would they feel embarrassed?

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  • Tom Bui

    Emily, congrats on winning the title. Its obvious, you learned to define yourself, to content yourself with some specific thing and some definite work; dare to be what you really are, the “most beautiful” woman in trucking 2014.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    I think you’re over-acting and reading more into this than what it is. You are trying to be offended.
    I feel if someone wants to humiliate and demean me more power to them. I could give a rat’s rump. It’s the ones who try to tell us what to think and say is what concerns me. This zeitgeist of being overly sensitive to everything is stifling and ridiculous.
    Personally, I’ve seen plenty of fat chicks with prettier faces than this girl and if it makes you feel any better as a woman, I don’t care to look at fat dudes either!

  • Patti Hales

    It seems that way until you are on the other side of the fence. You have never been groped, fondled or sexually harassed. It is this type of mentality that continues this kind of thing go unchecked. Consider me balancing the scale against this type of unwanted, unsolicited behavior.

    And, I have just profiled you, characterized your behavior, and your attitude. You do not value anyone who doesn’t meet your criterion of what it is you personally find acceptable. At least you have, successfully, let your prejudices show and where you stand.

    Chew on that for awhile.

  • Tom Baker

    This is for all of the women on here complaining the Emily was called slender, expressly to you patty. Its ok to have an opinion but opinions are like a** holes everyones got one but they usually stink. If the girls that are morbidly obese feel they deserve to win they would decide to take better care of thereselfs and im not just talking about there weight moast that are over weight are also the ones you can smell from across the store. I know that the only reason people are talking crap is because there jealous the Emily got the title. Its because she takes pride in herself. And yes i know there are 10 to 1 overweight men in the industry but thats because there are 20 to 1 men over wemonin the industry. I grew up ina house of 6 wemon so i know how you think we are being sexist but lets be honest if anyone had the choise to be with a gorgeous girl or a slob its a no brainer and if you disagree with me im calling you crap now. Yes i called you out befor you even had the chance. It has alot to do with todays society where do i begin the lazyness the constent fast food the internet? Yes America has set runway modles on the peak of women but who wants a crack head or a lazy slob? And your probably gonna say its whats on the inside but then your gonna judge someone in 10 minnuts anyway just because of how they look weather its good or bad do keep your mouth shut unless your congratulating this beautiful young lady for her archievement of most beautiful woman in truckin. And to the morons who have crap to talk about the otr thing if there wernt local drivers you dumb a** would actualy have to learn how to do your job not just drop and hook so shut the f¿€< up and mind your own business. I am 26 i pull flat step and rgn mainly over dimensional loads i am a third gen trucker the key has been passed from my papaw to my dad to me so i feel my opinion has a littel more of a leg to stand on then these wannabe new gen truckers if you dont like what i had to say SHUV IT… thank you and have a good day

  • dm

    eww not even close, beauty does not have tats a flat but and look like she been sucking on cigs before she was a teen. Sorry but not in my eyes, a lot of someones are desperate

  • IndieTrucker

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