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Todd Dills

Virtual trucking

| December 17, 2007

By “virtual trucking” we don’t mean computer games or training simulations, and we don’t mean ivirtuous trucking either, as in the iOverdrive Knights of the Road feature. In this CNN interview, business consultant Amy Zuckerman uses “>virtual” to mean “online and networked” and says truck drivers are examples of employees “operating virtually” in America’s “hidden tech” economy

The truck world is operating virtually all the time and no one ever thinks of that. Fleets of thousands of drivers out on the road using all kinds of remote technology you can imagine. They’re using laptop PCs, they’re doing all sorts of work and communicating back to the base. This is an example of a literally virtual business on the road all the time. Nowadays the technology and data transmission going on in the trucking industry is really phenomenal. They’re being asked to gather much more information than they used to. Truck drivers on their own, they’re operating virtually.

  • EricG

    Thanks for your interest in Amy Zuckerman and her ongoing work.BR/BR/If you want to know more about Amy and her projects please visit BR/ you need help either transitioning to the virtual work place or BR/growing a virtual company of any kind, then go to and join BR/her Building a Virtual Company group. You can always see her on BR/ by scrolling to the People listings at the bottom of the BR/Home Page and then clicking on EXPERTS. Amy is in the red shirt and BR/white hat you saw on with a “Virtual Business” sign across the front.

  • Amy Z

    Hey, Channel 19!BR/BR/You found the report on me and my comments on the virtual economy with trucking as an example.BR/BR/I write regularly for ITECH (ATA tech supplement for Transport Topics) and have proposed this subject for a future article.BR/BR/Anyone who wants to be interviewed about how they do trucking virtually can email me at the address below.BR/BR/best,BR/BR/Amy Zuckerman

  • Amy Zuckerman

    Great that you folks found me.BR/BR/I’d be glad to interview truckers or fleet managers on this topic if my ITECH (ATA pub) editor is OK.BR/BR/You can email me below if you want to talk about how your work virtually.BR/BR/best,BR/BR/Amy Zuckerman strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.