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Volvo hosting worldwide ‘magical hour’ with truck launch

| September 04, 2012

Remember this picture? It’s one of slackliner Faith Dickey walking a line between two moving Volvo FH rigs — a brand-new European cabover design that the truck maker intended to promote with its involvement in Dickey’s stunt. (Since I wrote about it last month, there’s been further reporting on it in Discovery News among other places, for the interested.)

Reason I bring it back up today is that tomorrow, Wednesday, September 5, at 3 p.m. Eastern,  Volvo is offering up what they’re calling a “magical hour of entertainment” with a live webcast of an official unveiling of the new European FH model truck. You can catch the countdown here, or tune in to that page at the appointed time for more.

And for the cabover fans: No word on whether we could expect an intro of the FH into the U.S. market anytime soon.

Following find the viral Volvo vid if you’ve as yet missed it, likewise a brief vid with one of the fairly amazing drivers who held the rigs at identical speeds and constant distance, Jens Karlsson — in it, he reacts to the video of Dickey’s successful walk for the first time (hit the CC button for English subtitle translations of his talk).

[youtube 1zXwOoeGzys nolink]

[youtube l7SUJyWaqmM nolink]

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