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What are the top ten trucking songs of all-time?

| June 20, 2011

Planning for Overdrive‘s 50th anniversary this year, we want to hear from you with recommendations for a top-ten list of the best trucking songs of all time. Lest I unduly influence the process, I will refrain here from mentioning my own top-ten, but let’s say potential contenders could range from classics by Red Sovine to “Eastbound and Down” to the more recent, such as Pure Grain’s “Trucking Song” or many a tune penned by owner-operator-crooners running the highways today.

Post your top ten (or two, or five, or seven) in the comments here to get us started. From your recommendations, we’ll cobble together a final list for publication with our special anniversary coverage this fall.

  • Jesse Bussard

    Chicken Lights and Chrome by Jesse Watson

  • rodney moritz

    6 days on the road

  • Maroon Beam

    MUST include “Six Days on the Road, written by Montgomery & Green

  • Jesse Bussard

    Convoy – W.C. McCall
    6 Days on the Road – Red Sovine
    Freightliner Fever – Dave Dudley

  • Dale “Birdman” Dawson

    Snowin on Raton by Townes Van Zandt
    Backin to Birmingham Lester Flatt
    Prisoner Of The Highway – Ronnie Milsap
    Red Simpson – Roll, Truck, Roll
    Roll On Big Mama Joe Stampley
    I’m Drivin My Life Away – Eddie Rabbitt
    How Fast Them Trucks Go – Claude Grey
    Commander Cody – Mama Hated Diesels
    White Freightliner Blues_Jimmie Dale Gilmore
    White Line Fever – Merle Haggard
    Stone Cold Fingers_Leland Martin

  • Dale “Birdman” Dawson

    But Please don’t forget
    I’ve Been Everywhere – Hank Snow and
    Truck Driver’s Blues – Merle Haggard
    Pinball Machine_Lonnie Irving
    If you don’t have these and others in your collection let me know. There are others more obscure, and some that are very well known, how about 50 top trucking songs for your 50th anniversary.

  • Dale “Birdman” Dawson

    Chicken Truck – John Anderson
    I Wish I Could Have Been There – John Anderson

  • Kip Smith


  • Doug Svage

    #1 Has to East Bound and Down, 2 18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses, 3 Big Wheels in the Moonlight, 4 Six Days on the Road, 5 Little Sister ( Bonnie jean ), 6 Convoy, 7 I’ve Been Everywhere, 8 Freightliner Fever, 9 Teddy bear, 10 Giddy up Go ( and the answer)

  • Bob Pettit

    Rolaids, Doans Pills, and
    Preparation H. (Dave Dudley)
    California Turnarounds.

    Some already mentioned above.
    (Never heard these two-check Youtube.)

  • tim fanning

    any songs by smokin joe lee smith red sovine dave dudley those are the songs that make trucking

  • Todd Dills

    Tim, Give me a few examples to constitute a top five or ten or so. I’ll be able then to compare with what I’ve already gotten specifically. I dig that Smokin’ Joe record; wrote about it’s reappearance last year:

  • Steve

    “Prisoner of the Highway” by Ronnie Milsap.

  • Buddy Wenners

    I haven’t heard it in 30+ years, but I remember the song. I think the name of the song is “Teddy Bear” (don’t know the artist). I remember hearing the song in the late 70’s (played over the CB). It’s about a kid who’s handicapped and talks to the truckers on the CB. He talks about his love of trucks and this trucker (who is the person singing) goes to give him a ride. When he gets there, there is a long line of trucks already. The song has a sad end. But it’s stuck in my head all these years.

  • toby

    never ever forget:

    toby keith – die with your boots on


    michael dinner – texas rose express

  • Adrian Pettitt

    California turnarounds
    6 days on the road
    Phantom 309
    Truck driving man

  • Max Heine

    Six days on the road
    Willin’ (Little Feat), though it didn’t get country play to my knowledge.

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  • Mike “Do-Rag” Pierce

    Looking at the world through a windshield – Del Reeves “Hello – I’m a Truck” – Red Simpson Roll On -! Alabama

  • Tom Johnston

    Movin on-Merle Haggard

  • Carroll Willis

    Widow Maker By Jimmy Martin
    Little Sister By David Lynn Jones
    Radar Blues PT 1 By Swanee Caldwell
    Passin Zone Blues By Coleman Wilson
    Gear Jammer By Jimmy Logsdon

  • Harry Seay

    1. HELLO , I’M A TRUCK
    4. MOVIN ON
    6. CONVOY
    8. PHANTOM 309

  • Gordon A

    my partial list
    Teddy Bear
    Wolf creek pass
    6 days on the road
    White line fever
    Not sure of the name but
    “Give me 40 acres and I’ll turn this truck around” is the theme.
    18 wheels and a dozen roses.

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  • Randall French

    Giddy-up Go (plus answer),Tombstone every mile,Long Haul weekend,Phantom309,How fast them trucks can go,Radar Blues,Truck Driving Buddy,Truck Drivers Queen,Akiss and the keys,Johnny overload

  • Paul Todorovich

    Here’s my top 10 Todd, in no particular order.

    Phantom 309 (I like Tom Waits’ version best)

    Convoy (CW McCall)

    Drivin’ My Life Away (Eddie Rabbitt). I was in a little truckstop in North Dakota having breakfast when a busload of kids about 10 invaded the restaurant. When “Drivin'” played on the jukebox they all sang along. We all applauded when the song finished.

    Semi-Crazy (Junior Brown)

    Six Days on the Road (Dave Dudley)

    Diesel on My Tail (Jim & Jesse)

    Gear Bustin’ Sort of a Feller (Bobby Braddock)

    Girl on the Billboard (Del Reeves)

    Nitro Express (Red Simpson)

    Will The Be Big Rigs In Heaven? (Buck Owens)

  • Marty M

    Weed Whites & Wine

  • Ingrid HalfPint Brown

    My goodness…what has happened to ALLL you old skool CHICKEN HAULERS?? Have you forgotten our dearly beloved, world famous Rooster Cruiser from Ok Cityto LA (that ain’t Lower Alabama either)…..RAY CARLISLE!!! “101 Reasons YOU MIGHT BE a Chicken Hauler”, “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. Haven’t heard him check him out! Ok Todd that’s my votes….ole skool and road tested!!;)

  • Ingrid HalfPint Brown

    Oh n … 18 Wheels Dozen Roses to opps

  • Mike “Do-Rag” Pierce

    Gimme 40 acres and I will turn this rig around was done by the Wills Brothers, I remember listening to it in my Dad’s ’63 Crackerbox…

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  • Donna Clarke

    Tampa Road and Killzone, by Vic Ruggiero, about convoy drivers at the height of the Iraq War.

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  • Cynthia Sharp

    1. 18 wheels and a dozen roses
    2 Song of Wyoming
    3 East bound and down

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