What are you thankful for, driver?

| November 25, 2013

trucking fuel tankerWhat are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

No matter how small or big — trucking related or not — we’re interested to hear.

As part of a Thanksgiving-related story package, we’ll share with drivers and owner-operators what others like them are giving thanks for this season.

Drop a comment below or email tdills@randallreilly.com with thoughts. 

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  • Fickes Home Center

    I am thankful for all the truckers that work hard to deliver goods to my retail store and everything else to everyone.
    Safe travels drivers!!!!

  • haller

    what are you thankful for person who would not have a job if it wasn’t for for trucks and drivers… what are you really thankful for and NO BS.. Are you REALLY thankful for,, 4 days off , Thurs and Fri. off with pay … Me thinks you should deliver 30 boxes of cabbage with a 6pm. apt. and be told that the time was changed to 6 am. the following am. and you will now sleep in your BMW until 5:30 am with your mask on,, just to make sure you get a GOOD nights sleep.. Happy Thanksgiving MANAGER !!! haller
    p/s I’m not making this stuff up ,, when you’re the scum of the earth, (truck driver) everyone and anyone looks down at you, and has a free hand to mistreat you, and dose….ie; state patrol, dot… any local young bald cops that can’t afford a gun MADE IN THE USA…. This all sounds a bit harsh but reality is reality, I’m not sorry..

  • warren wagner

    thankful to have the great family and wonderful friends that i have

  • haller

    You got to be kidding…. That’s like saying “I support our troops” and going home and watching a football game on your 58 inch screen while the little lady is doing burgers on the barbe… How about this receiver,, for the next month, (4.3 weeks) YOU will be serving free lunch and dinners to all the truckers who deliver product to your business. Now thats real…. You’d be on national news as one of the few people who was nice to a truck driver….haller p/s it might get you into heaven..

  • DanielMcCreary

    I’m thankful for a family that doesn’t complain about the crazy, trucking schedule. Though I don’t always see eye to eye with my company’s management, I’m thankful for a secure job that allows me to comfortably support my wife and six children. I’m thankful for customers who make my job a real pleasure.

  • New Driver

    Sounds like Haller needs to get out of trucking !!

  • Fickes Home Center

    Happy Thanksgiving Haller, and safe travels.

  • Tom T

    I`m thankful after 45 yrs, I never got caught.

  • PattyCakes

    I’m Thankful that I knew Trucking when trucking was good … made great money when trucking was good … experienced trucking before the Truck Nazi’s and trucking industry Sell-Out’s jerked the rug from beneath good, strong, dependable drivers.

    Thank Ya’ Lord … it was a good ride while it lasted !

    Do ya’ think Jesus has a clean DAQ, a legal CDL and a TWIC Card …. jus’ askin’ ? ? ?

  • Russell V Davis III

    Well, as one that retired from the political correct government this last month. I am thankful for SJ Transportation for hiring me to drive for them hauling Hazmat. Thank God for my health to allow me to continue on a profession that has been a staple for my family for the past 50 plus years.

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