What is the right course for Department of Defense spending?

| March 06, 2014

  • Tom

    Shrinkage of the armed forces is not the answer. Those in power will over commit and stretch the military to the point that the soldiers and sailors will get out. They did it to us in the 70’s after Vietnam.

  • David S. McQueen

    The government needs to assess what risks exist in the world, decide whether military force is the solution, then fund appropriately. The USA defunded the military after WW I and was thus unprepared for WW II. Spending for intel and combat readiness should be the priority. It does no good to have a billion dollar piece of equipment if the soldiers/marines/airmen/seamen can’t operate it effectively.

  • jojo

    I wonder if it is necessary for the US to spend as much as we do on the military when are in great need for basic things such as education and infrastructure.
    Our defense budget exceeds Russia and China combined.
    On the other hand, how many more will be unemployed if the military industrial complex is reduced even slightly?
    As I understand it, after WWI isolationism and the depression left little desire to get involved in their business over there. When the Japanese attacked we had no other choice but to get involved. It is absolutely amazing how quickly and powerfully our Nation jump into action, United my fore fathers KICKED BUTT!
    We don’t know how to Unite for the common good today as everyone seems to only be concerned with themselves.
    Does a strong military mean we are strong as a Nation?

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