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When Overdrive (briefly) went Hollywood

| June 03, 2008

At the IMDB, Parkhurst writes

The film was shot entirely on location in California, Arizona, New Mexico Texas and Mexico for less than $300,000 … “>low budget” even in 1970. Even though it was a low budget film, several years later, Orion Pictures distributed it for many years on TV, and it got good audience reaction when first released in theatres. The production sound mixer went on to gain five Oscar nominations … In spite of a good cast,I would rate this film as “fair,” but not bad, especially considering the low budget. It was even a union crew.

He goes on to say it’s much better than lots of trucker movies, and he has a point there.

  • Anonymous

    While shooting in Tucson, ParkhurstBR/returned to LA to attend the birthBR/of his child. The crew and castBR/remained…the partying was FANTAS-BR/TIC for the next several days. SomeBR/of the narrative obscurity may beBR/attributable to this unplanned butBR/enjoyable hiatus. However, all as-BR/pects of the production were givenBR/serious and professional concern byBR/all involved.

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