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Kevin Rutherford

Why be an owner-operator?

| April 23, 2013
  • mickal

    Ben when you say trucking companies do you mean two trucks or two companies?

  • JAFO

    I started out at Swift and became a road warrior with no life for 10 years.

  • Steve

    A few days ago, I met an owner operator who works for a moving company. He shared with me that he makes a high six figure income which quickly got my interest. The down side is he is gone a lot of the time. I would like to ask for some insight on the company but am not sure if it is acceptable to provide the name. I am retired from the Navy and am looking for my next career and need professional insight/experience to base my decision on. Thank you. Steve

  • Luis Flores

    Hey ben am a central driver i drive as a team ..i want to know if you can give me more information of your company… and if you need team drivers.. we are here :)

  • Jeff Beagle

    Ben I’m looking to become an owner operator. I used to be a company driver over 15 years ago but switched careers and ready to go back to driving which I used to love but I gave it up because of a marriage but I’m single again now and can go back to what I loved doing only this time I want my own truck. Still have my class A with every endorsement except haz mat which I dropped because heck I wasn’t using it and the extra cost didn’t make sense at the time.
    Contact me at I’d be interested in signing on with you as a lease operator . I miss the open road.

  • maloney trucking

    hi ben,
    i’m buying a 2012 ftl on Tuesday. I’ll be leasing a reefer out of Ma. I don’t mind going without. I want to grow the business. I originally hail from NH and want to end up there with a couple trucks and drivers for them . I would drive till retirement. then I plan to just run the operation . been making cold emails and such to try and line up direct clients. then plan on letting my performance speak for itself. any advise you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    john maloney
    maloney trucking llc.

  • Stephanie Pasquarella

    My husband and I could really use some advice. Wanting to take a leap of faith this year (2015) but being that we are a one income family its a bit scary. Could you email us at strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.