Why I run green

| April 02, 2008

Another way Frybarger conserves fuel is with the Idlebuster auxiliary power unit he bought in 2005. The unit has 4,000 hours on it. “That’s 4,000 hours I would have been idling my truck, using about 1 gallon per hour,” he says. In contrast, the APU has burned only about 600 gallons.

Frybarger’s dream is to travel to truck stops and schools with a specially outfitted truck and trailer to teach people about renewable energy. “Who I’m doing all this for is the future generations,” he says. “I don’t want my grandkids fighting wars or having a bad life because people in this era didn’t start taking steps to replace oil.”

‘Biotrucker’ also a green revolutionary
Michael Frybarger looks for any way possible to promote alternative fuels. His e-mail address includes “biotrucker.” He’s set up a website to promote renewable energy: MySpace.com\biotrucker. And he participated in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay event at the 2007 Great American Trucking Show.

But perhaps his most high-profile effort is a role in the independent documentary Revolution Green: A True Story of Biodiesel in America, which features Willie Nelson and is narrated by film actor and environmentalist Woody Harrelson. Frybarger attended the premiere, held on Earth Day 2007 in Newport Beach, Calif.

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