Wire Protectors

| April 07, 2005

The product line now includes 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch chains in 16-, 20- and 25-foot assemblies with grab hooks on each end, plus bulk chain in barrels and clevis grab hooks. The 5/16-inch chain is rated at a breaking strength of 18,800 pounds and a working load limit of 4,700 pounds; the 3/8-inch chain is rated at a breaking strength of 26,400 pounds and a working load limit of 6,600 pounds.

Accessories include both standard and heavy-duty ratchet binders that adjust from 23 inches to 30 inches hook to hook; standard and heavy-duty lever binders; a recoilless binder that features an anti-kickback handle; and a steel corner protector.

Kinedyne Corp.
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Cool Rigs Calendar
BFGoodrich announced its 2003 Cool Rigs Calendars are available for free through BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tire dealers. Also available for free download at the company’s website is a screen-saver version of the 2003 winners.

The winning rigs are Class 6 through Class 8 trucks that are in commercial use. Winners were chosen based on creativity and originality of design. Each photo is displayed over two months on the calendar. The six winners are: Guadalupe Valenzuela Aguilar – Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico; Dean and Joyce Burington – Arlington, Iowa; Jean Paul Laliberte – Valcourt, Quebec, Canada; Rick and Linda Lindeman – Racine, Wis.; Loren Miller – Omaha, Neb; and Glen and Janice Rice – Rockford, Ill.

BFGoodrich Commercial Tire Dealers
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Temperature Monitor
TempTracker, a wireless temperature monitoring and reporting device, is designed to help refrigerated and frozen food haulers move perishable food products at the appropriate temperature and provide the documentation to certify the product was kept at a temperature required to meet food compliance standards.

Used with Cadec’s Mobius TTS onboard mobile logistics management system, the new TempTracker audibly and visually warns the driver if the temperature in the trailer does not meet the pre-determined standards set by management. By sounding an alert before the temperature reaches an unsafe level, drivers have the ability to react in a timely and proactive manner. TempTracker can display temperature discrepancies by date, vehicle, trailer or driver.

Cadec Corp.
(800) 252-2332
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Spring Brake System
The Haldex/Anchorlok Life Seal is designed to eliminate the major causes of spring brake failure by sealing the emergency brake chamber when contaminants migrate into the spring chamber.

The Life Seal requires no vent holes, no air filters, no caging tool plug and no external breather tube. Rather, air is exhausted via an internal valve through the vehicle’s air system.

“The Life Seal is the most advanced double diaphragm spring brake available today,” said Chuck Kleinhagen, president of Haldex Commercial Vehicle Systems. “The Life Seal was designed and developed to extend service life, in addition to providing the lowest life cycle costs of any spring brake.”

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