Working to remain positive in negative circumstances

| April 10, 2012

I mentioned above the different thoughts that come to mind when we are stuck with no freight. Among them is wondering, would we be better off if we were back at our former carrier? Mentally I knew the answer is no. Emotionally, while in a freight black hole like this, that “no” does not seem as clear. That is until we talked with friends who are still there. After that visit, it was crystal clear that we are with the right carrier, even when finding ourselves in a black hole like this.

The black hole is not a permanent condition. We will have freight back on the truck soon enough. But until that happens, it remains important to fend off the negative thoughts and irrational feelings that bubble up. It you don’t, they can fuel the formation of inaccurate opinions and bad decisions.

Part of the fun of trucking is the ability to drive and drive and drive (providing of course that you like to drive). But if negative thoughts and feelings are bubbling up, those hours and hours and hours of time behind the wheel provide fertile ground in which the negatives can take root.

It is easy to maintain a positive mental attitude when things are going well. But it’s a different story when you are doing the best you can and things are less than well.

I’ve said it before. You get more of what you think about, so think about what you think about. I spent a lot of time behind the wheel today thinking about that.

It took a fair amount of effort to think about the money we seek to make instead of thinking about the money we are not making. Thinking about the former keeps my eye on the possibilities. Thinking about the latter creates a downward spiral of negative thoughts that feed on themselves and put you in an unproductive state of mind.

  • dennis potts

    Hello Phil &Diane. We have stopped at that truck stop. Very nice. Rven has a car museum in there..we been lucky the first quarter and are busy. Hope it picks up for you guys. Drive safe… load at a time……dennis and cindy potts

  • Phil Madsen

    Thank you, Dennis and Cindy.

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