DOT orders WTSA US Express to shut down

| June 11, 2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on Friday, June 8, announced that it ordered Racine, Wis.-based truck company WTSA US Express to cease all transportation services immediately following an extensive review of the company’s operations that discovered multiple federal safety violations in the areas of drivers’ hours-of-service compliance, driver qualifications and drug testing requirements.

FMCSA said its investigators found that the company employed drivers without valid commercial driver’s licenses and medical certificates, and that it allowed its drivers to operate without records of duty status. Additionally, WTSA US Express did not test its drivers for controlled substances.

“Our aggressive safety enforcement efforts, designed to shut down the bad actors, are effectively raising the bar for truck and bus safety,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro. “We will continue to do everything possible to protect the traveling public and help save lives.”

  • Marty Marsh

    Now the big question is,did they hurt anyone?The bigger issue here is certain people lost that dollar is why they are bad actors.
    Many moons ago I use to run nonstop coast to coast without drugs and never put a scratch on the truck,so my version of safety and there version are 2 different things.

  • Bill Maxon

    I drove for Arnold, A division of U S Express and they were constantly abusing the hours of service rules. One of many reasons I quit!!!!

  • Ynnis Glytyr

    Ha yes, but when the cops work over 14 hours and have an accident nothing is done. Where is the difference (except in the size of the vehicle)? A car can kill just as many people as a truck can. They’re going to whack at truckers until there are none left. Makes me wonder how they will wipe their butts when nobody can drive a truck any longer?

  • Ynnis Glytyr

    @Marty Marsh…there wasn’t any accidents otherwise I am 100% certain they would have mentioned them in this article. It’s just another money racket. Anything for the dollar.

  • david

    The comments posted prove we are or own worst enemy! It is shameful that drivers with any experience defend bad actors. The attitude expressed us exactly why we have to have the regulations that we do. “I am certain no body was hurt, otherwise they would have mentioned it in the article.” Really! That’s so typical. The synopsis presented is not the whole story by any means, but yet based upon a few facts, you can fill in the blanks. How does that work?

    Ifw wish to be treated as professionals, first we must act like professionals. I am no super-trucker. I’ve pushed my log on occasion, but never by more than what I could defend. For the Feds to have taken action against the company it had to have been for more than someone stretching their day a little. Three chancy has had to have demonstrated a complete and intentional disregard for the regulations. Regulations that exist because of outlandish and unsafe practices that do lead to deaths and injuries. I’m not a fan of regulation, until they keep mesafe from someone who believes its ok to drive from coast to coast without taking a break. How many drivers have died or killed others because they were too tied to realize how tired they were? I am still haunted by the memory of having been behind a driver who was falling asleep at the wheel, but denied that was. It was at the end of my day and I figured the other drivers would do something. The next morning I passed the wreck of the truck less than 30 mins from where I turned off for the night. There wasn’t much left of the cab so I can only wonder if the driver lived. That’s why we are forced to live within regulations, to protect us from ourselves.

    And if you want to try to argue

  • david

    Oops hit the publish before I finished.

    As I was saying, if you want to argue the libertarian point of view that purses regulation is better, you might be right, but ONLY, if people would do the right thing, but they won’t! Its kinda like playing a game of football without referees and established rules. Could a game really be played when each team is allowed to do whatever they wanted?

  • goinpostal

    If the the same rule’s applied to all motor vehicle operator’s equally,I’d have no complaint.
    We are supposedly entitled to”EQUAL TREATMENT UNDER THE LAW”,as one of our basic Constitutional freedoms.
    Of course if such rules were implemented equally to all,there would be an armed rebelion the likes the world has never seen.

  • Randy Tetrick

    Alot of what I’m reading here is the difference between a driver and a steering wheel holder. There was many times back in the day when I drove coast to coast using helpers none stop, and ran more then one book but those days are gone. Adriver knows the new laws and puts a value on their license and job where a steering wheel holder don’t even know how to log right, and if anyone agrees with driving with no cdl and no medical card then you shouldn’t be driving either. These are the laws which not to many drivers helped to fight against are now crying about them. Between the new rules medical and driving along with the csa there’s going to be alot more of this.

  • Randy Tetrick

    Sorry I also hit submit before I was done, I do agree with what I’m reading on hrs of service but what I saw is yes a cop,doctor, mill worker and a lot of others work over 14 hrs and drive tired but they probably have a license if you diagree with what happened to US EXPRESS then you agree with putting any none lisenced drug using none trained person in a 80000 truck. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.