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| July 02, 2006

Black Drivers Deserve Coverage
I have read and/or glanced through all the trucking magazines over the last 18 years, and I would like to know why you never do features on black drivers? This is not about race or anything like that, but I just would like to know why you have never written articles about us or never feature any products for us.

We don’t use Skoal or listen to country music, either. (All of us don’t do rap, either.) Each time I see your magazine, I look to see what you have put in there for us or about us.
Now, I drive a 2001 Peterbilt. It has 165 all-LED lights on it – a very sharp truck if I say so myself. Some of us have some bad rides, so why don’t you guys ever take the time out to talk to some of us?

Are we all the same? Don’t we do the same job? Why the difference? I’m not going to call Rev. Jesse Jackson, but just give us some time. We are out here running up and down the highway as well as our Caucasian counterparts. A lot of us have good things to say. I would love to pick up a magazine that really and truly is for everyone, meaning movies, music, books and things that will help all of us.
Donald Moss

Good Job, Tula!
I just want to send you guys a note to say, first, that I love the magazine and second that I want to give a great big thumbs up to the story you guys published, “The Anniversary Present” by Tula Smith [in the February issue]. It was one of the best stories that I have read so far. Ms. Smith did an outstanding job, and I would love to read more stories by her and about her. Great job!
Tina Grant
Statesville, N.C.

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