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Zero-defect driver vehicle reports on their way out

| August 01, 2013

The requirement that drivers file a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report in which no defects were found with the truck and trailer is seeing its last days: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued this week a proposed rule that would eliminate the requirement and, according to the Department of Transportation, save the trucking industry $1.7 billion a year in paperwork costs.

The current rule on driver inspections requires drivers to perform both a pre- and post-trip inspection on their equipment and file a DVIR for each inspection. Under the new rule, drivers will still be required to perform both inspections, but will not be required to submit a report for those in which no defects are found.

“We can better focus on the 5 percent of problematic truck inspection reports by eliminating the 95 percent that report the status quo,” said FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro.”

The agency is accepting public comment on the rule until Sept. 3. FMCSA rescinded in 2012 the requirement of intermodal haulers to file no-defect DVIR.

The rule proposed this week as largely expected and had been included in upcoming rules section of the Department of Transportation’s semi-annual report issued last month.

Click here to view the proposed rule. 

  • Big Don from Texas

    This will be a good start but it’s also a simple way for the FMCSA and DOT to make it appear to drivers and the public that they are making positive changes to the trucking industry when in fact it will have no real significance or make much difference to the flood of regulations that has and still are being handed down by the FMCSA to the trucking industry. This will help with a little paperwork but thats about it. When it comes to regulating us, they flood us. When it comes to fixing their mistakes, it’s baby steps.

  • No Reform

    JBS Carriers (750 trucks) has installed DriveCam to watch their drivers while they drive..should be fun place to work.

  • martymarsh

    Wow, again, someone finally grew a brain, how many where checked ok anyway, you really can’t fix stupid.

  • Bigfoot309

    As Bugs would say – “What a bunch of maroons” The majority of their claimed “savings” come from increased productivity/reduce salary from the 2 1/2 minutes per day they claim it takes a driver to fill this out. ROFL

  • martymarsh

    Because they see dollar signs. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.