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20 Best Fleets to Drive For based on pay, benefits, career path named by TCA

| February 05, 2014

The Truckload Carriers Association and CarriersEdge announced their annual list of the 20 Best Fleets to Drive For, compiled based on criteria like total compensation package (base pay, bonuses vacation), health benefits, pension plans, advancement opportunities, professional development opportunities, driver turnover rate and the fleet’s safety record. 


Overdrive, TCA announce finalists in driver contests

The six finalists will attend TCA’s annual meeting near Dallas, where the winners will be announced for the Owner-Operator of the Year and Company Driver ...

The winners are: 

  • Bison Transport, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Brian Kurtz Trucking Ltd., Breslau, Ontario
  • Central Oregon Trucking Company, Inc., Redmond, Oregon
  • DJ Knoll Transport Ltd., Emerald Park, Saskatchewan
  • Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc., Fremont, Nebraska
  • FTC Transportation, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Gordon Trucking, Inc., Pacific, Washington
  • Grammer Industries, Inc., Grammer, Indiana
  • Grand Island Express, Grand Island, Nebraska
  • Halvor Lines, Inc., Superior, Wisconsin
  • Kriska Holdings Ltd., Prescott, Ontario
  • Landstar System, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida
  • Load One, LLC, Taylor, Michigan
  • Motor Carrier Service, Inc., Northwood, Ohio
  • Paramount Freight Systems, LLC, Ft. Myers, Florida
  • Prime Inc., Springfield, Missouri
  • Sue Vinje Trucking, Superior, Wisconsin
  • TimeLine Logistic International Ltd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • Transpro Freight Systems, Ltd., Milton, Ontario
  • Trimac Transportation, Calgary, Alberta

The nomination process began in the fall, and company drivers and owner-operators nominated carriers with 10 or more trucks. Afterward, CarriersEdge interviewed representatives from the carriers and evaluated on a scoring matrix. Drivers for the carriers were also surveyed, results of which were factored into the scoring. 

The smallest of the fleets chose has 25 drivers, and the largest has more than 8,500. 

TCA will announce at its annual convention in March in Grapevine, Texas, winners of the Best Overall Fleet for Owner-Operators and Best Overall Fleet for Company Drivers awards. 

Click here to see the list of last year’s winners.

  • Tom T

    Prime???? Give me a break. There went credibility
    out the window.

  • Yoeagle

    Its interesting that Canada based firms represent 1/4 of the 20… Does the national health care have something to do with it??

  • jojo

    Remote controlled, robotic humanoids programed with allegiance to the controlling corporation who’s #1 recruiter could no longer live with himself. It’s kinda scary. RIP Sir.

  • Kast55

    Well, I guess that we will have to move to Canada to see if we get a job with one of those company.

  • Jon McLaughlin

    At least they did not list J B Hunt, Swift, C R England, Werner, Schneider, and we cannot forget killer trucking, Western Express.

  • Tom T

    Too many to list. Just get a list from ATA and you know where not to go.
    De-regulation ruined this industry, at least for the driver, 34 years ago. Before 1980, turn over rate was nothing. Trucking was difficult to break into and you had to be good at it which meant you had to like it. The pay was on par with college grads starting out and offered a middle class way of life.
    Generational turnover has produced exactly what companies wanted. People who hate what they do, 125 % turn over and no idea how much they are worth and what`s more don`t care and it shows in the way they drive today. Me first. Get out of my way, no courtesy, lots of accidents and at times no self respect which means no respect given. Sad.

  • Bob_Hearns

    Actually, Yoeagle, it’s 7/20. That’s slightly more than 1/3. With the U.S. being 9 times larger, that says something about Canadian companies.

  • Marley

    Bennett International Group is a great company to drive for, they should be on this list too.

  • Dolly

    No. Our benefit packages are in addition to our national health care. Things like: eye glasses, dental, RRSPs, family councelling, disability top up to 100% pay,etc. Most large companies offer this in Canada.

  • Josh Barnett

    I worked for wil-trans who pulls for prime inc. from what I saw prime does their drivers right. there will always be those that disagree. but I never meet one in person. id pull for them again weather it be in a wil-trans truck or a prime truck.

  • Keith Birmingham

    If this is a list of the best I need to be thanking God at least 100 times a day that my health kicked me out of the game. Does anyone remember the “dollar down” truck?

  • LandShark

    Excellent point Jon. But Prime? If an industry organization like the TCA is; either that uninformed, biased or influenced by money etc. I think that paints a sad state of affairs for the industry, and especially us drivers.

  • LandShark

    Negative Keith. Dollar down truck? Fill us in!

  • ironage

    Curious to see if Gordon will remain on that list in future years now that they were bought out by Heartland.

  • Tom T

    I remember when North American was lease purchasing trucks to their drivers and at the end they were using the local police to repo them after starving the drivers so they could resell it to someone else. I remember Overdrive blew the whistle on them and they went around to all the advertisers and had them pull their ads. It was so bad for Overdrive I remember
    issues that came out in black and white while they tried to hold on. An outfit in New Jersey did the same thing again in the eighties. The owner had so many guys after him he used to walk around with a gun. The more things change, the more or worse they stay the same.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Midwestern out of fort scott KS lol that just goes to show a sucker is born every Mi .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    That was National Fright out of Vineland N J , Back in the early 70 one of them rammed his rent to own tractor into the owners car as the owner pulled into the yard !

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Midwest Express out of Ft scott KS

  • TonyHippensteel

    I was thinking the exact same thing. This survey means nothing if Prime is picked as one of the best to drive for. Who got paid off for that?

  • Tom T

    Some of these companies make more money selling trucks to drivers than they do moving freight. I heard of drivers leaving there who had not made a cent and wound up owing more money than the truck was worth.

  • Tom T

    There are a few others on the list that I am remotely suspicious of, but having only heard rumors, I`ll give the benefit of doubt.

  • david webster

    Yes the national heath care makes it very easy to switch jobs and people tend look out more for each other. Real drivers wages have dropped 30% in the past 20 years strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.