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Hope Rivenburg: General public ‘naive’ on truck-parking needs

Our podcast interview with truck-parking advocate Hope Rivenburg, widow of Jason's Law's namesake. Also: Hutchins, Texas, zoning hearing upcoming on new parking facility there after roadblocks hit by diesel shop.

In case you missed it, here’s the 5 most popular headlines from Overdrive this week

In case this has been a busy week or you just wanted to catch up on the headlines, here are the top 5 most popular stories from the Overdrive website ...

Reservation systems, pay-to-park efforts in critical eye of new truck parking analysis

Close to half of all driver respondents to a wide-ranging ATRI survey on parking reported no willingness to pay for parking whatsoever -- the survey examined this and other parking ...

Jason’s Law parking survey: Top 10 states in need of more spaces

Ranked here find the states where the dearth of spaces is most pronounced -- and tell us: What three states as a general rule present the biggest parking problems for ...

Truck-parking shortage back in the mainstream — primary safety issue for drivers, says advocate

Speaking from Dallas in an interview with the hosts of the Here & Now National Public Radio-affiliated program, Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking detailed the parking issue.

National Coalition on Truck Parking formed, results of Jason’s Law parking study released

DOT reps and stakeholder groups have signed a pledge of commitment to a newly created National Coalition on Truck Parking.

Parking shortage hits the mainstream

A Wall Street Journal story last week took on the issue of the difficulties faced by truckers finding a safe parking spot in widespread congested areas around the nation.

The rest: Tying the knot on 2014

The third and final part of the Channel 19 2014 year in review, threading the needle through the most-read posts to the blog, here with an emphasis on rates and ...

Engagement on parking safety, availability in the wake of driver’s murder

Catch a replay of a discussion spearheaded by Allen and Donna Smith Wed., July 16, with Hope Rivenburg and owner-operator Michael Boeglin's widow, Ashley Boeglin, and father-in-law, former driver David ...

If the home is a castle, what about the truck?

So-called "castle law" explored.

Parking shortage: DOT looking for driver feedback

The Department of Transportation's Federal Highway Administration wants to hear from drivers about the challenges they face in finding parking and when and where shortages occur.

Jason’s Law: Five years after the passing of its namesake

In conversation with Overdrive's Wendy Parker, Hope Rivenburg, marking the fifth anniversary of the death of her husband, for whom the Jason's Law truck parking legislation is named, stresses the ...

Last haul from the Texas pea harvest: Unloading with Cody Blankenship

Photos and reporting from a Bells, Tenn., unload with Cody Blankenship, who sees parking availability as the biggest issue going, despite Jason's Law. Hours, e-logs compound the problem...

Looking for fleet/owner-operator common ground

If drivers and fleet folks truly presented a united front on hours to Congress and regulators, would anything change for the better in terms of flexibility?

When trucks are ‘an eyesore and a nuisance’

It's happened again: A city councilman's idea to ban truck parking within town borders shows evidence of what drivers and other advocates are up against in the battle to improve ...

Year of interrupted sleep: 2012 in review, Part 2

Counting down the memories -- May-August 2012 on the Channel 19 blog, when things heated up in more ways than three.

Kari Fisher of Missing Truck Driver Alert Network honored

Kari Fisher, founder of the Missing Truck Driver Alert Network, recognized with the Jason Rivenburg Making a Difference Award at the Truck Driver Social Media Convention.

Reader: Government deserves some thanks

"The public needs trucks and truckers, and truckers need what the public pays for. The public will is expressed through government, not talk radio." --Jim Mesthene of Waltham, Mass.

More O/O challenges: Image, health, parking…

After primary reporting on owner-operators' top five challenges, sources offer their personal sixth -- from parking, training standards and health to driver image and industry unity to influence public opinion ...

Truck parking push not over with Jason’s Law

Following the cheers that went up around the trucking community for the “Jason’s Law” truck parking legislation’s inclusion in the MAP-21 highway bill in June, owner-operators like Overdrive reader William ...