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Performance-based brake testers (PBBTs) and liquid freight

If you haul liquid bulk, whether in a tanker or in totes, the difficulty of obtaining accurate weights at each wheel end with a PBBT during inspection often produces errors ...

ELDs and trucker harassment, Part 1: What FMCSA’s new mandate does to protect truckers against harassment

In this three-part series, Overdrive examines anti-harassment measures in the DOT's December-published electronic logging device rule. Topics include the rule’s anti-harassment provisions, privacy of truckers’ records and the harassment complaint ...

Run an e-log as a team? Keep a regular weekly schedule? …

Here's the criteria FMCSA used to allow McKee Foods' private fleet's drivers to use 5/5-, 4/6- or 3/7-hour sleeper splits to satisfy the required 10 hours of sleeper berth time.

Continuation of hours-of-service suspension, CSA disclaimers, e-log deadlines and more included in Senate bill

The Senate bill sets deadlines for rules mandating e-logs and speed limiters, allows 33-foot double trailers, continues the suspension of certain hours-of-service rules and requires a disclaimer next to CSA ...

Bill would put the brakes on Wireless Roadside Inspection

As with truck systems, inspections could see in relatively short order a future in which more happens with less human involvement. Recent draft DOT appropriations bill item seeks to curb ...

BigRoad e-log with ECM connection officially available

The BigRoad software developer will announce Jan. 15 the availability of its DashLink engine-connected electronic logging device.

BigRoad follows through on e-log with engine connection

The NASTC show was among its first public debuts, as BigRoad emphasized the company's been focusing on keeping up with demand from the fleets and operators among current app users, ...

In formal comments, OOIDA says e-log mandate not worth the cost, other trade groups supportive of rule

Trucking trade groups held their formal public comments on the proposed federal electronic logging device mandate until the waning hours, and each of the major ones fell as expected in ...

ELD mandate: Readers respond

Among Overdrive readers, more than half of the respondents to a poll conducted in the weeks prior to the ELD mandate's release showed a strong preference for another line or ...

Logging device mandate could come in 2016, outlines hardware spec’s, harassment provisions

The rule addresses driver harassment protections, hardware specifications and hours of service-related supporting documents.

EOBRs/ELDs are being put in the wrong place

Owner-operator S.E. McCurdy argues an alternative to the ELD/EOBR mandate in a time-card system to put the burden of accounting for drivers' time on those who would waste it.

Most important thing I learned this week

CARB's fleet trailer regs, EOBRs, speed limiters, GHG/mpg standards -- all are hitting at more or less the same time; it's going to be a tough economic road near future. ...

Attention to detention: Solutions to the problem of uncompensated time, part 2

Many carriers have moved in in the direction of time-based pay systems with hourly detention-pay plans, including small fleets; some strategies for detention-rate negotiations take shape.

Looking for fleet/owner-operator common ground

If drivers and fleet folks truly presented a united front on hours to Congress and regulators, would anything change for the better in terms of flexibility?

Readers split on government, industry solutions to detention

Though all recognize the problem, grown ever more onerous with further restrictions on drivers' hours with the new rules. Here, find a round-up of views and some examples of detention ...

E-logs, driver database, vehicle reports on FMCSA’s agenda

An rule mandating use of electronic logs is still slated to be proposed in November, the DOT said this week. It also expects to publish the drug and alcohol clearinghouse ...

California domestic workers and truck drivers; $1,500 for a few words

Domestic workers making state-by-state inroads on their own FLSA exemption (similar to company drivers') from the possibility of overtime pay -- meanwhile, a friendly, familiar, potentially lucrative contest.

‘Wireless Roadside Inspection’ inches closer to reality

Mobile communications technology stands to transform the way truck inspections take place, with big implications for the CSA program and owner-operator businesses.

FMCSA studying driver harassment potential of e-logs

The agency says it will do in-depth interviews with carriers to determine “the extent to which could be used by motor carriers or enforcement personnel to harass drivers or ...

The writing on the wall

Hard truths: European trucking technology tends to lead adoption in the states. Dash-mounted video cameras, EOBRs, breathalyzers as required equipment can be expected here.