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‘Anne Ferro would be proud’…

| April 21, 2014

Buddy Roe Mary Hanlon's pit bull edit


Pit bulls in-cab: Resource for local laws?

In which reader Mary Hanlon adopts a pit bull and wonders, Is there a good central location to map routes to avoid locales with anti-pit ...

Since Mary Hanlon wrote in looking for advice on local laws and regulations concerning the stray pit bull — christened “Buddy Roe” and pictured, above — she was planning on taking out on the road, it seems the pooch has become quite well acclimated to the truck, as Hanlon notes: 

I think my rescue pit bull has this trucking all figured out. He would make Anne Ferro proud with his berth time and breaks. Come to think if it, his break starts when the truck starts and his break ends when we get home. 

Hanlon sent in the following picture of the pooch:

Buddy Roe on break editFind more photos of readers’ beloved ridealong pets on the main page of last year’s Overdrive‘s Most Loved Pets competition


  • Perry G. Hernandez

    If I was you I would check facebook there are so many pit bull groups on there that could answer all of your questions.

  • Hailey Lorino

    Usually even if Pit Bulls are banned in a certain city, they 1. won’t care because the Pit isn’t living there. or 2. they allow “travelling breeds”. if you’re going through or just stopping there for a day or so it’s allowed. We too our pit with us with out looking up any laws and had no problems whatsoever. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.