Bill to overturn hours-of-service rule introduced in Senate, referred to committee

| December 23, 2013

hours truck eveningA bill was introduced Dec. 20 in the Senate last week that, if enacted, would halt the most recent hours-of-service rule change and allow truck drivers to operate under the pre-July 1 rules again, until Congress can review the rule further.

The bill — a the Senate counterpart to a House bill introduced in late October — was introduced by Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) and is being sponsored by her and Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), according to the Library of Congress. It was referred to the Senate’s Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, LOC also notes.


House bill would undo hours rule, reinstate previous restart provisions

A bill with bi-partisan support has been introduced in the U.S. House and if passed would undo the current hours of service rule and allow ...

The bill, dubbed the TRUE Safety Act, would require the Government Accountability Office to perform an assessment of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s methodology in creating the rule, specifically the research that went into developing the 34-hour restart provisions of the rule.

The July 1 hours-of-service changes could not go back into effect until six months after the GAO submitted its findings to Congress, unless the GAO study recommends otherwise.

Click here to see the House version’s bill. The Senate version will be posted when it becomes available.

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  • guest

    Insurance companies foot the bill for Accidents caused when underqualified DOPES hired by mega fleets cause massive damage…..They help Write these Rules and Lobby and Influence legislators…..they want MORE rules..not Less….You can bet this True Safety Act will die an ugly death and Money will be paid to see that is Does die and that MORE new stringent rules will be PASSED…Expect to see Dash Cameras pointing in your face soon watching everymove you make…You wont be Texting and driving then…this is what Big Money Insurance wants…MORE rules to protect THEIR interests..they will Fight all Opposition to their Bottom Line interests and You would too if You owned an insurance company instead of a truck.

  • lastgoodusername

    Thanks to the legislators trying to fix this mess.

  • Stormy

    If FMCSA had submitted their multi-million dollar study and report in March when it was due or even in September when they were asked for it again then a lot of companies could have saved a lot of money changing their programs and training their drivers. Not to mention the millions spent on training and reprogramming the DOT employees and computers. But what the heck, as truckers we paid for both in our own time and expense and in tax dollars for the DOT changes. So we pay to change it back then may have to pay to change it back again. It sure would be nice if this government would hold somebody accountable for something. They look as far as the end of their noses and see no reason to look any further. If this passes can you even attempt to imagine what a DOT audit would be like with all the different HOS rules forddifferent dates. Pure and simple ignorance.

  • William McKelvie

    Well maybe now that we have both the HOUSE and the SENATE pushing, maybe they will be able to defeat superanne and her FMCSA industry destroyers. But if history repeats itself, we are done.

  • Mike Smith

    The rule is another heap of horse shit devised by gov to show, they, pretend to be making, important, laws to justify their jobs. Their a bunch of god damned frauds eating up r tax money and making life worst, not better!

  • MercenaryMan

    Call or Write your Lawbreaker, er Legislator and back this up, if we set those phone lines on fire theyll realize were are United, unlike them, WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER…

  • benjaminnapier

    Government needs to just get out of the trucking business. I am a grown man. I know when I am tired.

  • g

    This is just a dog and pony show…this True Safety Act is of NO INTEREST to anyone but a truck driver…of which who are AFFECTED the number is around 1 Million Americans…this bill will buried as soon as the ink is dry….other MATTERS offering PAYOLA to Senators and Congress clowns..will take priority…dont hold ur breath waiting to see this come up for a vote….

  • SKIP

    When they first started messing with the HOS that should have been a tell tell sign that you CAN’T FIX STUPID if you are the stupid one. It’s time to show stupid not to impose their stupidity on us. This is not a game of sorts.

  • g

    The DO NOTHING congress will be of NO help here…Insurance Lobbyists will pad the pockets of politicians to keep this Law..on the books. They will also “influence” MORE legislation to install Elogs, Speed limiters, Driver Monitoring cameras(to limit cell phone accidents)….Insurance companies want PROFIT…that means the truck driver need MORE monitoring…not LESS…they see truck drivers as Outlaws..costing them MONEY…who need to OBEY, COMPLY, CONFORM to more strict laws and rules…NOT LESS….this “BILL” will go absolutely Nowhwere. Bet on It.

  • g

    Insurance execs look on in HORROR as mega fleets employ LOW PAID students and IDIOTS to drive car smashing Heavy Trucks!!!! They also see a Flood of Crazed mexicans pouring over the Border and driving TRUCK!! Protecting their MONEY in the face of this LUNACY..they lobby their RICH PALS in Congress to FORCE the “driver” to only have the “freedom” of an OBEDIANT ROBOT. We will see More and More LAWS forcing the trucker to be CONSTRAINED…it really stems from all the DOPES that have caused accidents already…employed by Billionaire Companies who could care less who gets crushed by their junk trucks..Fast Buck artists have made these new LAWS possible…expect MORE…this “bill” has ZERO chance.

  • Mighty Midget


  • Stormy

    I’m getting pretty tired of being the dog and the pony. They are already closing in on new rules for Spring to create more havoc. By then we will have all adjusted and have something new that will cost us another couple of tens of thousands

  • Walt Conner

    its a shame that I am more tired now than when we had the 10 and 8 rule….but ive got to thank the government for telling me I am tired and need to rest now….I didn’t realize how inempt I was of seeing the signs that I was I was so fatigued and such a danger to the motoring public till now..and all the idiots going down our freeways using there cell phones and ipads and laptops can travel without the worry of an overtired truck driver crashing into them….god forbid!!!!! fuckin morons on capital hill need to ride with me for a month and see what needs to be the main focus of safety……fuckin idiots

  • Rich Charles

    Go back to the original HOS rules.Let us do the 8 hour rule for driving and sleeper,and be able to split them 4X4.We were safe then.The only problem between now and then,,,,,,MORE CARS ON THE ROADWAYS.Its no longer 1 or 2 cars per family,now everyone of age in many families has a car,but no sense on how to safely drive it.”Johnny is an idiot,he can’t read,but can get a license to drive”

  • guest

    Money will be paid to squash this bill….Insurance companies and Safety Groups Lobby for MORE Safety Rules…not LESS….ELOGS will be the heated Battle to watch…and Driver Monitoring Cameras. Cell Phone accidents will NOT happen with a dispatcher watching……Speed Limiters will be Mandated for all trucks…soon.

  • g

    Agreed….the bad part is…THEY tell US when we are RESTED too…even if you didnt sleep right on THEIR sschedule You have Hours and its time to GO…we must “sleep”when we are NOT tired and drive when we Are……sleep studies and blue ribbon panels….gettin er done….

  • g

    Its become a Game…everybody dipping into the Pie…which was not possible back in the day before all this Monitoring technology…today from an office anybody can monitor the truck via satelite and other tattle tale devices..and determine hours of service “violations”….there was a time when there was No logbook…..surprizingly the world did Not come to an end????

  • Little Joe

    The only thing that is going to change is the number of drivers on the road. In 4 years the balance of the 37% that will retire will be gone. And with it goes the years of safe driving and the know how to operate a truck. Then, freight will be sitting on the docks and supply and demand will get the laws changed. But by then it is too late!!!

  • g

    So True…..Skilled Truckers are LEAVING quickly now and see trucking as a Disgusting JOKE. Replacements are going to be AMUSING….no experience and many are uncaring illegal aliens who specialize in CRIME and hit and run. lol

  • bigred

    This new HOS was put in effect because this gov has not a clue how to create any jobs. It was designed to put 16,500 new drivrs on the road. Meaning the big trucking cos. keep getting that big gov fuel money and those big training bucks…End of story.

  • Kaiyla Bradford

    The new HOS rules work fine aside from the restart. I have always taken breaks. Who here doesn’t take breaks? Where do you pee? In a bottle? Come on, the rules are to force the businesses to deal in good faith and you people act like sheep and listen to them. For once in your lives, learn something new. You don’t like the changes because the company says they’re bad. Sorry, but they aren’t.

  • Kaiyla Bradford

    How are they taking money from your pocket? Do you not take breaks? Where do you pee? Use your brain. Manage your time better and you’ll be fine.

  • g

    The POINT is..we dont NEED more RULES telling US what to do..when to pee etc….if we dont Protest these “new laws” they will Continue adding MORE…it is already unbearable…..if THEY think we dont Mind..they will dream up MORE…It seems grown adults dont need NANNY COPS??

  • g

    Your Paper Log does make it easier to “comply” with these Log Rules…Loose Leaf is real good….the 30 min break is easier to deal with if you dont have a ELog system and qual com tattle tale…..the argument is more about the added “red tape” and “regulations” they keep adding…most everybody takes BREAKS..but maybe only 15 at a time…but several in a day….they cant be consolidated to qualify for the 30 min break however…although documented by Elog..GOV is forcing us to sit there for 30 Min in a row…only ONCE in first 8 hours….the law is unnecessary and encourages THEM to add More unncecessary laws…enuff is enuff we do have WORK to do…THEY keep taking AWAY Hours of SERVICE..making it difficult to OPERATE effectively.
    Back in the Day…there were NO LOGS nad not too many NANNYS…freight got delivered somehow??

  • g

    Anthony Fox knows best…he says this “study” took years to complete…He of course has never Driven anything or anywhere…just his car in the HOOD…lol

  • Ron

    What does a city planner know about commercial transportation? They need to throw out anna and her fish eating friends.

  • The Repair Nut

    It will be nice to have the hrs. back

  • WING

    The intent is to further enslave the drivers in this industry.. OTR is 168 hours a week. Your are not payed for your time….you are payed for production…you know…cents per mile. That is why the push for telematics of all kinds …all seeing cameras, including the sleeper…sleep apnea tests for all….EOBR’s….automatic transmissions….many dis-tractors in the cab..VORAD….gps…and on and on…the day will come that you will just be a tech watching the computer…and the technology is already available….so long truckers!

  • wing

    1.36 million with active Class A cdls. JAN 30 13 IS CUTOFF DATE FOR DOT MED CARD REGISTRATION! The Feds have given us a great opportunity to PARK IT!

  • WING

    Kayla… ..8% reduction in available production when an EOBR goes in a truck….tell us, for you personally….how much money does that 8 % equal to you? Be fair! Do you really like the feds micro-managing your career?

  • WING

    G….look at the Fair Labor Standards Act…here is the gist of how the power brokers
    think and act… you are classified as unskilled labor…therefore under the above act…your are not entitled to overtime…nor hourly wages.. that is why cents per mile.. with ‘pro-miles’ paid as the norm. So it goes with the railroad act also. I agree heartily with you!
    The evidence is readily available… to further enslave the trucking populace…you must run off the Truly skilled truck driver of old…the new population of’ ‘drivers’ is already brainwashed with video games, smart phones, etc. They are primed for the new game! For the worse. Look up and old 1939 movie called ‘They Drive By Night’. The conditions have only changed from the equipment…. the rest is the same.

  • WING

    ever seen a train back up to a target store?… Rail would have you believe that they have the capacity. They are already beyond capacity…. what they want is to make more money container-izing freight. That removes more OTR drivers from the road…. It is well known that 75% of all freight is brought to you by truck…and that’s the low ball…. figure it out. Everything is brought by truck. I am glad to see it works for you. Yet why does CSA/PSP report hit the driver for an infraction for three years and the company only two. Who gets kicked to the curb first when the insurance company will not cover anymore. The driver. It wasn’t the drivers fault when the taillight burns out while he/she is going down the road.

    Anne doesn’t get a ticket at her desk when she doesn’t do her job!The point is the micro-management, we don’t need hand holding bureaucracy. …..Socialism at it’s finest……

  • WING

    govmint at it’s finest!

  • ECI-Tampa

    CSA is trying to fix a statistically small issue with federal legislation. Of the several thousand trucker at fault accidents that occur annually, how many were due to fatigue? What percentage can be eliminated? The amount of time and money required to address a statistically small number of accidents is enormous. The trucking industry has done a good job considering the millions of miles driven daily. Attorneys, higher insurance and downtime are all incentives to be safe. We don’t need a federal program telling us what to do to reduce 5000 at fault trucking accident by 20% or down just 1000 accidents annually. BILLIONS will be spent to prevent 1000 accidents. Does this make sense?

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