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CARB extension a no-go for California independents

| January 08, 2014

Tom and Karen MooreIt’s been a while since I checked in with California-based independent owner-operators Tom and Karen Moore (pictured, right), the proud owners of the 1999 International 9400 they’ve had a in a sort of stare-down with the California Air Resources Board over the course of the last year. In the interim, they decided to make their way out of the trucking business, particularly given CARB’s Truck and Bus Rule, which despite available extensions is putting the rig outside the legal powertrain boundaries as of this year. 


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On New Year’s Eve, the pair were working through paperwork to “request an extension to run our truck in the state,” says Karen Moore, as they work toward selling it. CARB’s offer of a six-month extension into 2014 required owners to register with CARB, which the Moores had already done, and likewise to show the board “good faith” efforts at compliance — namely that purchase orders had been placed either for a retrofit, a new engine or a new truck. 

“Our method of compliance,” however, the Moores noted in their extension application, was to “sell the truck and get out of trucking.” The reasoning that they gave for why they should be allowed to operate in the state without upgrade was that they would have to leave the state in order to sell the truck. 

CARB has “made it impossible to sell the truck” within California, notes Tom. “We will probably die with that truck unless we leave California to sell it somewhere.”

The Moores, they know, “are not alone,” Tom adds. 

Yesterday, they received a call from a CARB representative who told them that, while no official extension would be available for them, given their compliance method, they needn’t worry too much about enforcement in their efforts to drive into and out of the state. “We’re not going to have people at the borders,” said Karen, paraphrasing the representative. “If you do get pulled over, basically it’s a citation that you receive from the highway patrol” like any other.


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“At this point,” Karen adds, “we’ll just take our chances and plead with the officers” should they get pulled over.

When we talked yesterday, the Moores were planning a three-week round hauling freight around the country, outside of California, as a possible final run this month before hanging the business up for another venture. 

  • Joe Rajkovacz

    This is a real shame that the Moore’s are going to leave the industry. In 2010 they were recognized by CHP as the safest small-business motor carrier in the State of California. In the tortured logic of CARB, being “green” is more important than the actual measurable results from being “safe.” Good luck Tom and Karen – you are good people victims of an out-of-control government agency with little regard for how their policies impact “real people.”

  • Todd Dills

    Agreed, Joe, no doubt.

  • Dave Nichols

    it should be very easy with todays internet connecting people. just do the rolling shudowns. like brownouts, it will get the attention of the right people. a day here, the next day there, maybe by county, alphabetically?

  • LeaveMeAlone

    wahhhhhhh.!. Go by a decent ’08 truck like I had to. As a bonus, I’m also getting another year out of my 04 an keeping the 08 parked for now. Geez I’ve never heard of anyone letting the “government” win by “forcing” them to quit. Sounds like an excuse to me.

  • Jason Haggard

    Why should anyone be forced to buy new equipment if their current equipment does the job safely. Just because you opted to let the government lead you around by the nose doesn’t mean that everyone else should.

  • MercenaryMan

    SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS….Heres a hard working, Tax paying couple doing what they love, working and not being a burden to anyone and being forced out of business for compliance, Ill bethere truck runs as good if not better, is well maintained and gets good fuel mileage, but due to a LAW, created by a board of Idiots whove never driven a truck , let alone do what these folks do, being forced out of the life they love…, i knew there was a reason I moved out of Cali….disgusted…

  • BRD

    LeaveMeAlone…just wait till your 08 truck leaves you stranded on the side of the because of a bad sensor and it’s a week before the shop can get to it while your still making a payment on a truck with 700,000 miles on it. Congradulations on letting a government tell you when to buy equipment for your business. I’ve had my own authority since 1985 and I to am tired of all the government BS.The state of Kalifornia has won the battle and I to am done trucking.

  • Robert

    Lets be honest these are not the only ones leaving. If trucking companies all of them were smart they would refuse to enter the state and let the EPA pick up there grocery just in side the state lines of surrounding states. But most companies will just move on for what ever reason they see fit and continue to shot themselves in the foot.

  • Steve

    And if it’s a known fact that post 2003 trucks spend 3 times as much time in the shop due to engine related problems.

  • mousekiller

    You obviously fall into that same nitch. You went out a bought a truck when your 04 was running fine. You state you HAD too . WHY did you have to.??? The add on particulate filters will and it’s has be proven to damage your engine. It will shorten the life of an older engine by at least 2 years. Higher heat, back pressure among many other reasons will kill it.The filter cost is in the neighborhood of $15,000 dollars installed. Is it worth it.? Not to me and thousands of other drivers that will not kneel to CA and CARB nor the EPA. Enjoy your 08 in ca. Someone has to be hassled and it isn’t going to be me.

  • mousekiller

    BRD, Sorry to see you go. It is people like you that are innovative, understanding and get the job done that we need keep. It is people and drivers like your self that teach new drivers by example and being in business this long shows your good at doing it. . I have been in this business over 45 years but never with my own authority. Done a lot , learned a lot. Be safe in all you do,

  • Rachel

    we are a owner operator couple also.We are only 30 years old and doing what we can.We moved out of Cali and went to Texas. We decided we would not let CARB control our life and tell us we need to buy a new truck or retro-fit. Our truck runs just fine and we Own it. I hope everyone says screw Cali so they start back pedaling and end up not having enough trucks in-state. Can we just agree not to enter Cali as Truckers :) Cali seriously put so many people in dept because of this compliance crap but that’s typical Cali. Im glad we moved so far.

  • Chris Harkins

    We also have 2 older truck that we own outright and dropped California from our registrations about 3 years ago. Our business specializes in motorcycle transportation and get calls for vacation rides to California, we usually recommend other destinations that are usually more beautiful and friendly to both our trucks and bikes…I mean what’s the point of going on vacation to be fined to death right??? I guess they are all wealthy enough out there to turn away vacationers who want to spend money in their state! :)

  • Bill Bublich

    not government whiner,just california,the other 47 states are still part of free America

  • Jimmy the Greek

    I well keep my 1998 until i can’t drive any moor , I had it for 11 years

  • Ken Nilsen

    Actually the state of South Carolina has adopted the same port rules as CA and other states are looking into doing the same.

  • Eddie Smith

    This is what you get for voting for Democrats.

  • I hate Eddie Smith

    Eddie, you’re a fucking idiot. That is all..

  • Eddie Smith

    And if you live in California and vote for Democrats you have no one to blame but yourself for this problem. Call me what you want if you vote for Democrats it’s “YOU” that is the fucking idiot.

  • LeaveMeAlone

    Yeah ok. Let me look here….nope no gov’t chain attached to my nose. I think I was ready to pay cash for my truck…hmmm let me check my account…yep plenty of money there. Cool newer truck still California bound every week from Texas.

    I WIN!!!

  • LeaveMeAlone

    It is also true that 2014 trucks spend lots of time in the shop. Ask my trucker buddy that just bought 5 this year. Lol, buy semi used better ROI.

  • LeaveMeAlone

    Wow pickin out one word. You are so clever. Please let me clarify…had to replace 04 cause it is done for by my standards. I’m never hassled, except in TX where I live. PrePass baby mouse, and a perfect CSA leaves me blowing by your kind at the long line in Banning oh an that stupid AZ scale.

  • LeaveMeAlone

    Ken don’t be spreading facts round here, you will get blasted.

  • LeaveMeAlone


  • BRD

    Yep, CYA…I moved my operation from AZ to CA to AZ to NM. Keeping my equipment and and i could even take the $45,000 you spent on an 08′ which is sitting on the side of your house depreciating, cause the government told you to, and invest it in my IRA where it’s making money, not losing. All us owner-operators need to finally stick together and try to put a stop to this Big Brother sticking their nose in our business.

  • crosswise

    An older truck manufactured before the ruining of mpg etc, uses less fuel and puts less overall crap into the environment. Also to manufacture a new truck, is in itself not that “green”. That being said, there are legal ways to move the truck outta the state. Get a permit from the dmv to move a non registered vehicle. (Also look into non op registration.). Or if the vehicle becomes registered in another state, that company has one permit a year to drive in and out of CA. In this case, out.

  • Donna Klaffky Pullan

    Ok Jason…so what do you suggest people do then?? strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.