CARB proposes delaying, changing some emissions requirements for owner-operators

| March 07, 2014

CARB mapCalifornia’s Air Resources Board this week officially unveiled some proposed changes to its Truck & Bus Rule emissions regulations, which required truck owners with pre-2007 model trucks to either update their equipment or install particulate matter filters by Jan. 1.

The proposals build on the state’s “good faith” extensions for owner-operators and small fleets and the CARB meetings held in October, where officials heard public comment on flexibility options for compliance, said Beth White, manager at CARB. 


California files motion to dismiss part of OOIDA’s lawsuit against emissions regs

CARB has filed a motion o dismiss one of three counts the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has brought against it in a lawsuit challenging its emissions regulations.

White says the proposed changes include:

  • Delaying the filter retrofit deadline for trucks running exclusively in NOx exempt counties in the state until Jan. 1, 2015. These are rural areas where the amount of NOx in the air is below federal requirements and include counties of Alpine, Amador, Butte, Calaveras, Colusa, Del Norte, Eastern Kern, Glenn, Humbolt, Inyo, Lake, Lassen, Mariposa, Mendocina, Modoc, Mono, Monterey, Nevada, Northern Sonoma, Plumas, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Sierra, Siskiyou, Northern Sutter, the Lake Tahoe Air Basin, portions of El Dorado and Placer, Trinity, Tehama, Tuolumne and Yuba. 
  • •Allowing truck owners who were denied a loan to waive the PM filter requirement for up to three vehicles in a fleet if they make a commitment to replace the non-compliant truck with a truck with a 2010 or later engine by 2018, White says. This change would apply to owners with fleets of any size.  
  • Changing the low-use exemption requirements to include trucks that travel 5,000 miles or fewer in a year, in addition to those who run 1,000 miles or fewer within California. The 5,000 miles would be total mileage on the truck for the year, not 5,000 miles within California borders, White says. 


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Checking in Martin and Alice Jez -- formerly of Galt, Calif. The pair have moved to Michigan anticipating CARB's regs relative to their 2000 Freightliner, splitting them from a six-year-old son.

  • Allowing owners with three trucks or fewer an extended phase-in period for installing retrofit filters. Instead of requiring that the first truck be retrofitted by 2014, the second by 2015 and the third by 2016, the proposal would require the trucks be retrofitted by 2014, 2016 and 2018. One truck owners still were required to comply by the Jan. 1 deadline, but those with two trucks would not have to install a filter until Jan. 1, 2016, on the second truck. 
  • Pushing back the date that truck owners must replace an older truck with one with a 2010 or later year model engine to 2023 (from 2020) if they installed a PM filter on a truck with a 2006 year model or older engine by Jan. 1, 2014. 
  • Adding a provision that would not require truck owners to replace more than 25 percent of their fleet in a year to meet the replacement requirements. 

CARB is accepting public comment on the proposals until 5 p.m. (Pacific Time) April 24, and then the board will meet the same day to discuss the changes and consider public comments before either voting to approve them or making changes and then having another 15-day comment period. 

Click here to visit the CARB page where public comment can be submitted. Comments can also be submitted via mail to: Clerk of the Board, Air Resources Board, 1001 I Street, Sacramento, California 95814.

CARB’s previous “good faith” efforts extension allows owner-operators a six-month delay in compliance (July 1) if they either (a) have an agreement with an authorized installer for a particulate matter filter retrofit, (b) have signed a purchase contract and ordered a replacement truck equipped with a particulate matter filter (engines must be 2007 or newer) or (c) have been approved or denied financing for a retrofit particulate matter filter or for a replacement truck equipped with a particulate matter filter. 

To take advantage of the good faith efforts extension, truck owners can use the CARB TRUCRS system

  • Debbie

    I will not be taking the extension, I just won’t be coming into California! When all of the owner-operators quick taking there crap maybe they will understand. We get hit by something every way we turn, road taxes, high fuel prices, high insurance, maintenance on our trucks for the DOT, and low paying freight! So I will not be buying a 20,000.00 filter! I will haul my freight to states that try to help owner-operators!

  • Mark French

    So are you saying that you would not maintain your truck if it were not required by DOT? By the way as an Owner Operator who gets 8.2 miles per gallon, I love high fuel cost. The higher the fuel cost, the higher the fuel surcharge. My fuel cost is .41 cpm and I am currently getting .58 cpm fuel surcharge

  • Thomas Duncan

    STOP THIS unconstitutional bull….I guess this is the way it is done,pass a regulation that does not meet the test of the constitution and try to find a way to selectively enforce it on only ones who are not voting in your local elections!I will be renting a truck to deliver or p/u and YOUR citizens will be paying 1000.00 and up on top of my price because they do not have enough sense to flee like many have done.It doesn’t matter how many clever words you use to cover this up it stinks to high heaven!

  • James Altman

    Mark, you are very ignorant for even making that statement

  • James Altman

    All California is doing is trying to cash in…..If extension can be made and if a fee is paid, then we can run in California. This law has nothing to do with safety its all about money.

  • Just Me

    Good for you Mark, we’re all glad that you have a brand new truck that gets such great fuel mileage, but what about those of us who don’t. I have no problem spending the money to maintain my equipment to the guestopos’ standards as for the most part they match my own. However as do the majority of us old timers still out here, at age 51 I do have an issue going in hawk another 20 to 30 thousand for a filter that has been proven not to work as well as they say. In fact it has been proven in many cases to be an extreme hazard, the biggest being truck/engine fires, not to mention decreased engine life. Nor do I feel that I should be forced to go in hawk for another 150 to 170 thousand by the time you include financing to buy a new truck when there’s nothing wrong with the one I have just because some idiot that doesn’t have the common sense god gave a nat says so. The fear mongering eco terrorists need to get a reality check. I for one don’t have a problem not pulling into California and taking CHEEP freight out. I’ll stop at Vegas rent a car and drive in to see my friends there. When enough of us just STOP going into California maybe they’ll finally figure it out.

  • mousekiller

    I knew that Ca would back pedal on this. Now if they revoked CARB in it’s entirety all would be good..

  • Stormy

    Well now, aren’t you special????

  • Stormy

    They started pedaling last year but they pedaled way too late. When the money stops flowing and the truck brakes come on then they are faced with the reality of what they have created. But heaven knows they are still pushing.

  • Steve

    Mark my man, Do not confuse CARB with the DOT. They are not the same and CARB has nothing to do with maintenance, only fund raising for politicians. For 35 years I’ve watched guys like you lease onto somebody and then try to tell the rest of us how it’s done. Tell us again how good you’re doing in 5 years.

  • v. uachbar

    I thought I heard that Washington and Oregon were following with CARB? Is that true?

  • vince

    for 22 years my co. doesn’t even have CA. on our map, We here don’t even consider them to be part of this country. even with new equipment, We refuse 100 loads a month to CA. LET THEM STARVE LADIES & GENTS!

  • wayne

    Thomas Duncan…you are just frustrated… Calm down…take a deep breath…and pull your head from your ass :) People are NOT going to move out of California on your idle threat…the whole country is going to go this way…comply or get out (of trucking ) :D

  • wayne

    Debbie…you are just frustrated… Calm down…take a deep breath…and pull your head from your ass :) People are NOT going to move out of California on your idle threat…the whole country is going to go this way…comply or get out (of trucking )

  • wayne

    yes…and remember…as California goes, so goes the nation…been true since time began out here. My son just bought three 2009 Peterbilts in Virginia and brought them back here. UH, yeah, they were already set up for CARB

  • wayne

    So, when elogs are the norm, nationwide and by law, I guess you will stop trucking? How stupid are you ?

  • wayne

    Good for you, Vince…MORE FREIGHT FOR ME AND MY TWO SONS AND OUR TWO PARTNERS! We like California money…how stupid is that company you work for? I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone who wants to make a success of trucking!

  • ken webster

    I will have quit trucking

    the rates are too low to spend the money to buy a new truck.I already work the winter in the mines in northern Ontario Canada

  • Pat Fitzgerald

    Oregon is not going the way of California they have set a date of 2023 they don’t want the legal fight and they figure let the new come in and at some point the old will slowly go away that is what it should be.

  • Life With No Fixed Address

    These suggestions from CARB do nothing for the Owner Operator with one truck, who is not based in California. I have no argument with California to take steps to protect the state’s air quality. And it has improved over the past 30 years. But California refuses to accept the prevalent business model of the Owner Operator, which is largely to buy a truck, maintain it meticulously and drive it a million plus miles. Since the engine makers are refusing to provide retrofit — they like that CARB is forcing new truck purchases — there is no justification for taking a chance with a $15,000 to $30,000 experiment. A better, more realistic, less disruptive rollout is to allow Owner Operators to run their one and only truck until it either requires an engine replacement or until it is sold. Then it cannot run again in California until it meets CARB’s requirements. Since a huge chunk of heavy haul and specialized equipment is in the hands of Owner Operators with one truck, it will be interesting to see what happens in the Spring when the construction, industrial season hots up. Will there be limited tractors with specialized trailers running in and out of the state? If so, this could produce a change of position that allows trucks 5,000 miles per year in the state. Meantime, we will not be pushed prematurely to spend $150,000 on a new truck, and we definitely won’t experiment with a retrofit.

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  • steve

    ponder this, picture California as a baseball stadium full of people that never leave the stadium and the wind never really clears the continuously produced air pollutants, Air Resources Board cleaned car exast dating back to the 70′s as well as factory pollution, when you drop into LA you are breathing cleaner air as a result of these rules, maybe to better understand, run your exast into your cab, roll up the windows and keep it to yourself. Now look at the rest of this country, air pollutants per square mile are very minimal.

  • steve

    Why an air filter on the air intake? Why a fuel filter? I bet working on a dusty farm the air filter will plug up very fast, the same is true for the exast filter, the dirtier the air coming out of the engine the faster it plugs up. No one said you have to use a diesel engine, Look where we are now and where we want to get too. lets draw a map how to get there and follow it. none of us wants to drink polluted water or breath polluted air, so yes please run the engines of yesteryear across the great plains, but when you get to my doorstep, leave those muddy shoes outside

  • Steve

    We are going to miss you Debbie!

  • steve

    I bet back in the 1800′s the cowboys were pissed because they had to strap a poo bag on their horse before they could bring it through town.

  • mousekiller

    If some of these people that scramble to obey the CARB rules took the time to research this retro fit crap they would run away and tell CA good bye., see ya, adios. I and my friend that works and lives in ca did the research.
    We talked to a retro fit company for the Exhaust particulate filter system based in Vista CA.
    The filters and installers have to be certified by the state of Ca to be considered legal or by a manufacturers authorized vendor. .All kinds of certifications. Another reason for the high cost .
    If you have an older engine and you do if you need to install a EPF on it to run in CA.. (1)The engine is not designed for the additional heat generated by it. (2) It is not designed for the additional back pressure that will be put on it (3) It can and will generate enough heat to be able to cause a fire under/ on your truck and quite possibly on the engine. That has been one of the serious problems. Fires.
    Finally it will destroy your engine in about 2 years and to me , running my truck into CA is not worth that.
    .Is running in Ca that big of a money maker that you can afford to replace your engine or buy a new truck with a really poor work record ( shop time galore)? Not worth the effort for me to consider it … There is plenty of good paying freight in the Midwest. Question?????If you keep your truck engine tuned and properly kept and it meets the CA CARB’s ungodly standards why do you need to install a deadly device on it that will shorten the engines life span . ?????

  • Mike Broaddus

    As usual, these morons are making up the rules as they go along. Fact of the matter is, they don’t have the staff to enforce it. In 2012 they wrote 1200 tickets for the entire year which equates to 3 tickets per officer per week. Do the math, it’s WAY less than 1% and your best bet is to play the odds.

  • whitelinefever

    Lol…what is all the excitement about??? California cheap freight???my truck is going on 15 years..trailer payments…so I don’t see getting into hock for a new piece of junk,over priced,underpowered,for the lousy $3. A mile freight??really?.I’m happy with my average 6-6.4 mpg Wayne..and I get good fuel surcharges,and yes,the more fuel is the more I make,in addition to the wholesale price I pay for fuel…however,why in the world why I feel the need to buy into the coolaid mindset?in fact,I have to normally stop trucking by oct/nov to avoid excessive taxing..and,remember,debt is bondage..if you keep in debt,you’re forced to do as you’re told..and yes,when the elogs are mandatory for a single truck (a long time away ) I am can have it all :) but in the meantime,don’t stop cause I need
    my grocerys!and please,stay in the right lane!

  • bigred

    I just gotta laugh at your fuel mileage as you either Bobtail all month or you are hitting that button on the dash that gives you a Fuel Economy mileage which is no where near your actual fuel mileage. I get a kick out of you guys as you don`t pull 45k lbs and run where I run or you just dont know how to figure your fuel mileage. Also, for you idiots that run around bragging about some false fuel mileage you are getting, Have you not been reading that YOU are the ones causing all our Fuel taxes going up. Yes Peckerwood, the media has seen all your false fuel mileage claims and OUR good ole gov and states are now gonna increase YOUR/MINE fuel tax.

  • bigred

    I made my last 2 trips to Good Ole Cali this January. I have a well maintained 2004 Pete and I have no intentions of putting a Filter that gets over 1200 degrees right beside my fuel tank. Bye Cali, let the big cos. haul your freight and maybe get it there somewhere within three to four days near the appt time. REST IN PEACE!!!

  • Mark French

    You are as stupid as BIG RED! I do know the difference between CARB and DOT! You have to be smart enough to understand my comment to the person I was commenting too!

  • Mark French

    As a matter of fact I AM!

  • Mark French

    You not going to CA will not effect anyone!

  • Mark French

    Not as ignorant as you are for not understanding my comment!

  • Mark French

    Yes but when you are talking about a 10,000.00 ticket, you do not have to write many! If you are an Owner Operator that is a fine for you and a fine for the Company you are leased to.

  • Travelin20

    Are you freaking kidding me??? We retrofitted our Pete with Cummins Pacific in Arcata, Ca. Only to ifnd out later that they didn’t know what the hell they were doing!!! They admittedly put the wrong filter on our truck. We suffered breakdowns, lost loads, weeks at home, while they tried to figure out what the problem was…once they installed the correct filter the truck still broke down!!!!! They have effectively put us out of business due to a CARB requirement that no one knows how to do!!!

  • bearburen

    mark sounds like a know-it-all who unfornuately is as dumb as he is blind and cannot read what was said is this with all the costs we face now adding a new one is not worth it for the cheap ass freight going in and coming out of california and the person who commented this is right when all of us dumb butted owner operators start standing up to brokers and the us government and stand together we can then and only then effect change that will be lasting permanent and benificial for all of us but until then what is the point

  • bearburen

    and i will boldly call you a liar to your face if you were in front of me now you are nothing especially not special or important to any of the rest of us go back to your hole and stay there you are only ruining the trucking industry and you are not an owner operator unless you have your very own authority your an idiot instead no one person is that good and if you truly were an o/o then you would be helping other fight the good fight and see it to the end and not compromise

  • Mike Smith

    The question you should answer is, why is the freight so cheap going in, & coming out of CA, as you say.

  • vince

    mark you seem to put your nasty two cents in on everybody’s comment and not worth the waste of time arguing with, and for Wayne, I own the company with 65 employees. so while you two guys are sitting in shitty CA traffic jams, I’m traveling the world. and tomorrow morning I’m contacting my HR dept. and putting a hiring freeze on all Wayne’s and marks that walk thru the door and online app’s…lol just kidding, play nice fellows. I’m a friend not a foe and most of all be safe on the road!!

  • kyle

    California has been hijacked by the environmental wackos. I worked for a large trucking company in Indianapolis as the maintenance supervisor. We ran all reefers, with many owner-ops pulling their own trailers. We ran produce from the west cost (California) out east, so we had to be subject to California CARB laws. I saw first hand how the cost of complying with these tyrannical “rules” effected not only the company but also the owner-operator. What else would you expect from the land of fruits and nuts?

  • vince

    NOT TOO STUPID! the co is mine Wayne. I have 65 plus employees, and started with just me in 1991with an 88 superliner. I show up in the office maybe two or three times a month, and I have never owned a truck that was ever in CA. in almost 23 years. so CA didn’t ever have a thing to do with my company’s growth.

  • T.A.


    Way to keep it original. Post this a few more times to a few more people. I bet nobody will notice ^

  • 2million miles, and counting

    I have read through all the replies, and have come to the conclusion that Mark French is not only new to trucking, but is not an owner/operator. Leasing onto a company that provides the necessary equipment for you does not count, therefore, you shouldn’t even be commenting, and putting in your two cents. You have got alot to learn… I’m certain your mindset will change dramatically when you have been behind the wheel for a good 15-20 years.(that’s to say, if you even have what it takes to last half that long.)