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CSA-Proofing, part two: Closed greasing system

| March 09, 2012

So far it is the upper grease fitting on the king pins only. That is the one that most truck stop grease monkeys do not do.Now hook up the line to the fitting and then apply grease again to be sure air and the grease is getting into the unit. Do this for each fitting until all lines are greased and hooked up. You’re now nearly done. How you put the loom on the lines is however you want to do it, whether after all the lines are hooked up to your satisfaction or as you go. I found it easier to wait until the last  thing to be done and that way I can see if I need to redo any plastic ties or locate and fix a rub spot that may need attention.

(Pictured at right: block on front passenger side setup — “So far it is the upper grease fitting on the king pins only,” Alkire says, noting that’s the one the truck-stop greasers are likely not to do.)

IMPORTANT: Be sure you leave enough line per fitting to allow for movement on the suspension system and that you allow for fastening points.

WORD OF CAUTION: Grease tends to stiffen up in cold weather, so greasing with this system in cold weather may be very difficult. Lines can come off if extreme pressure is applied. Wait until you get to a warmer climate to grease your unit.

I hope this idea helps someone else keep their truck neatly lubed and in passing condition. –Gordon Alkire

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    Are there u joints made that don’t require grease. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.